Your First Three Months at the Gym

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Your first three months at the gym can be a whirlwind of experiences. You’ll have to get to know a lot of different equipment, meet a lot of different people with different approaches to body building and have to get to know a completely different environment, while consistently working out in a way that’ll actually produce results.

Here are a few tips for your first three months at the gym.

Take Advantage of the Free or Discounted Personal Trainer Offers

Most gyms will offer you a free or discounted personal trainer session as part of your gym membership. Take advantage of this offer.

Usually the trainer will start by giving you a guided tour of all the different equipment in the gym. This alone is worth the time it’ll take. This tour will allow you to get the most out of your gym experience.

Then your personal trainer will ask what your goals are and discuss different workout options and dietary tips to help get you there.

Yes, they’ll probably try to sell you a training package at the end of the hour. If you don’t want to sign up, just let them know – don’t worry, they won’t be offended. They get that every day.

Try to Find the Most Fun Thing in the Gym

If going to the gym feels like a chore to you, chances are you won’t keep up the habit in the long run.

Instead of forcing yourself to do exercises you don’t like or to use unfamiliar equipment, try to find the thing that you enjoy the most in the gym.

For example, if they have a swimming pool, why not go for a swim and see if you like it? If they have kickboxing classes, hot yoga classes or group cycling classes, why not give those a shot?

Once you’ve found something you enjoy and you’ve gotten in the habit of going to the gym regularly, then you might consider doing something a little more challenging. But in the beginning, focus on finding something that you really enjoy.

Find a Buddy

Talk to the other people in the lockers, in the cafeteria or after group classes. Make friends who are also passionate about fitness.

Having friends to compare notes with, to learn from and to share experiences can really help keep you motivated. And it’s more fun. You’ll also have a spotter for exercises like the bench press.

The most challenging part of developing a new gym habit is sticking with it for the first thirty days. Once you get in the habit of going to the gym, you can then spend your time and energy on building the perfect workout. In the beginning, though, just work on building the habit of going to the gym regularly.

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How Do I Overcome Cravings For Soda

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Seven steps to take to stop wanting a soda so badly

Craving a soda to drink can be something that happens all the time or it can be something that happens every now and then, if you always want a soda and soda is something you drink all of the time than you may have caffeine rushes at times as well as teeth that are stained. There are several things you can do in order to stop craving sodas as much as you do. The following are seven steps in which you can take in order to do so.

For starters you should only purchase and consume sodas that are free of caffeine, they are still refreshing with how they taste but they do not have as many calories so they are a healthier version of soda to have. Having other kinds of liquids to drink around the house is a wise choice to drink as well such as lemonade, milk, apple juice, water, orange juice and more. When you are craving a soda do not go and get one, instead drink some water and if you are not wanting water then drink some juice and drinking from a glass is a great choice to make too.

The fourth thing you can do is if you wake up in the middle of the night and want a soda you do not drink one instead drink a little bit of milk that is more refreshing and will be easier on your stomach. If you drink soda from bottles keep them and fill some up with water like your sprite bottles that are empty and your Coca-Cola bottles that are empty up with some tea. Remember that your body gets naturally addicted to caffeine and sugar so instead of drinking soda all the time replace some drinks or something else with another kind of food that has sugar in it; consider snickers that are fat free, some cake or even a bag of candy that is small. Small steps are what you need to take and then go from there.

You should also be sure to work out on a regular basis because getting exercise is very important when it comes to living a lifestyle that is healthy and it is vital in losing weight and keeping that weight that you just lost off. Working out leads to sweating and when you are sweating you are really losing weight but with all of that sweating you are also losing fluids that your body needs in order to properly work so to balance things out you need to drink a lot of water to replace those fluids but in a healthy manner. Drinking some sports drinks like PowerAde and or Gatorade help with providing your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs to get energized again so drink like half a bottle of each for starters or something like that, mixing it up helps keep your body and its system on its toes which is what you want.

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Self Massage

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Are you aware of having a personal massage therapist, actually two of them, available to you and ready to serve and fulfill your wishes twenty four hours a day and seven days a week all year round and charge you not a dime? And would you believe me when I tell you that these massage therapists are perfectly happy to provide you with therapeutic sessions anywhere you please (your bedroom or living room, your office or car, in a public park or at the library), as frequently as you summons them and for the duration of your choosing? I am talking about your own two hands. Yes, your own two hands are perfect capable of massaging away your stress, your tension, your stiffness and your pains while bring forth an increase of blood circulation to invigorate and rejuvenate you with a fresh supply of oxygen into every cell in your body. Research shows that massage therapy, whether it is performed by a paid professional massage therapist or by your own built-in and securely affix hands, also boosts your immune systems as the production of white blood cells is stimulated in the process as is your mental capacity.

Chances are that you probably perform self massage therapy on a regular basis without ever calling it that. Stroking your forehead in a spontaneous reaction to a headache, grabbing the back of your neck to squeeze aware aches and stiffness, scrubbing yourself down with a loofah sponge in the shower or bath, rubbing your sore feet after a long day or hard work are all forms of self applied massage therapy. Congratulations! You are an experienced self massage therapist and you did not require formal training, a certification or a license.


The following is a list of techniques you can safely apply to your own body and promote overall wellness from the tip of your toes up to the crown of your head:

  • Upon awaking and upon going to sleep. Twice a day, morning and evening, treat yourself to a session of gentle punches. Always moving in an upward motion from bottom to top, begin with the legs, proceed to the arms, then the torso, the back, the head and the face. This will beat out your tension, stress, kinks in your muscles, will improve your blood circulation and will strengthen your body.

  • A treat after dessert. Whether you have had a large meal or a small one, help your digestive process by rubbing your tummy in the same direction as your food travels through the systems; clockwise. Therefore, use the palms of both your hands in a clockwise circular motion.

  • A therapeutic exercise before and after the more athletic type. Punch yourself before stretching, cardiovascular or strength exercises to get more blood flowing into your muscles. After exercising, rubbing your muscles in the direction of your heart will promote the elimination of metabolic waste as well as expedite the relaxation and recovery of your muscles.

  • Massage your appended massage therapists. You may do this with or without lotion buy you should do it daily. Intertwine the fingers of both hands and rub the heels against each other in a circular motion. With on thumb, rub the entire palm of the other hand and then switch. Untwine your fingers and thoroughly kneading each hand, gently pull on each finger and finish by pinching the webbing between the thumb and the index finger of each hand.

  • Play tennis without a racquet. To exorcise tension and stress, massage your feet by stepping on a tennis ball. Actually, a gulf ball will work just as well. From a standing position press one foot on top of the ball, apply as much weight as you can and slowly more your foot around.

Enjoy yourself massage and stay well.


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