The Science Behind Weight Loss Programs

While millions of Americans can tell you about weight loss programs or cult diets like the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet, most of them can’t assure you whether such diets are scientifically healthy. The confusion across the science behind dieting and weight loss has stoked controversy both among health and fitness experts, and lay individuals who would like to lose weight.

Look no further than the controversy over the low-carb, high-fat Atkins Diet. Proponents of the High-protein, high-fat diet argued that excessive amounts of fat are really good for weight loss, arguing that “One can lose weight on a low-calorie diet if it is principally composed of fat calories or carbohydrate calories or protein calories”.

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Not so, argued other health experts. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association(JADA) ran a series of health analyses and encountered that the scientific information disagreed with the high-fat argument (source).

No wonder that millions of people are confused about the science behind weight loss plans. On the one hand, you’ve medical investigators arguing one thing. On the other hand, you’ve weight loss promoters arguing the exact contrary. In this health and fitness report, I’ll discuss the basic principle of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, also as how these three diet elements play a role in healthy, sustained dieting and weight loss. It’s vital that dieters understand the science behind their weight loss programs for them to make informed, healthy choices on losing weight.

The Scientific Health Basics of Fat, Carbs, and Protein in a Diet:

A few of your friends might be telling you that the best path to losing those undesired fats is by going to the gym. Do you believe this is the best solution? What is true is working out would help you tone those muscles up. You might be wondering why some that goes to the gym for a long time already but still they continue complaining about their figure.

Many people not going to the gym but is on a diet and have an active lifestyle can see better results than those who are going to the gym. Did I mention the word diet and active lifestyle? Yes! This two are the top most priority for a person that prefer to* have that body figure of their dreams.

Lets us now reply the question, what makes a person fatty. Diet is not a weight loss but by dieting, you’ll be able to keep a low-calorie diet. Do you know that our body needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats? Do you also know that the three I mentioned, we can get calories in them? You could want to know how many calories each can give you so here let me discuss a little of each.


This is one of the most crucial of all diet programs. 1 gram of this equals to calories. So if you’ll eat at least 40 grams of protein you multiply it by four, you’ll get at least 160 calories. It’s a very simple maths it’s like 40 grams protein x 4 = 160 calories. The good thing about proteins our body needs several this, so you don’t need to care if consume many proteins, have you heard of a protein supplement? This is use by a person who are going to the gym or persons that have a very active lifestyle.

Carbohydrates (carbs):

Like the protein, 1 gram of carbs is equaled to 4 calories so if you’re consuming 20 grams of carbs multiply by four that would be 80 calories. Virtually all food has carbs in it so it would be impossible to get away from carbs.


Contrary to the two, protein and carbohydrates; one gram of fats is equaled to 9 calories. So if you eat thirty grams of fats, you’ll get two hundred and seventy calories. That is 30 carbs x 9 = 270 calories. Now you know why most people who are sensible about their figure and health would deprive themselves of eating several fatty foods.

Diet doesn’t mean you need to skip meals, but it means don’t go over the limits. To that very active person, they can consume more because they burn more calories but they would choose not too if they are that conscious. But to those who don’t have an active lifestyle they should choose to consume fewer calories. The answer would depend on upon the person; it would depend on upon you. Just make the right selection and begin today!


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Nutrition for a Healthy Mom and Baby

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Being pregnant should be a joyous time for the soon-to-be mom and their baby, but for many it’s a scary time with preeclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension, toxemia, and other conditions. While you may not be able to avoid having a problem during your pregnancy, there are some nutritional things you can do to reduce your risk.

Let’s have a look at some of those eating strategies.


  • You should never be shy about dairy products because as a mother to be you need at least 4 servings or 1000-1300 mg of calcium daily. You also need at least 4000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 per day.

  • Iron is very important during pregnancy. You need to get at least 27 mg a day. You can increase your iron by taking an iron supplement. In fact, your doctor may instruct you to do so. The top 10 foods for iron are:

  • Artichokes
  •  Beans, chick peas, lentils and soybeans
  •  Dark, leafy greens (ie spinach, collards)
  •  Dried fruit (ie prunes, raisins)
  •  Egg yolks
  •  Iron-enriched cereals and grains
  •  Liver
  •  Mollusks (ie clams, oysters, scallops)
  •  Red meat
  •  Turkey or chicken giblets

Pregnant women need at least 70 mg of Vitamin C daily. Vitamin C helps to fight off infection and keep you healthy. Some good sources of Vitamin C include:

  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Dark Leafy Greens

You likely will have huge cravings but at the same time, you should decrease your fat intake so that it is no more than 30 percent of your total daily calorie intake. Make sure to read labels.

Omega 3s are important for the development of your baby’s vision and brain.

Easy on the mayo or cheese limiting your cholesterol to 300 mg a day.

Protein develops every cell of your baby. You need to eat 80 to 100 grams of protein a day. If you find that the smell of meat makes you sick, keep in mind that you can get your protein from drinking a whey protein shake.

Being pregnant isn’t easy and eating healthy can be a real challenge. Some days you’ll feel fantastic, while other days the idea of eating is the farthest thing from your mind. A healthy weight gain is generally 25 to 35 pounds. However, if you are underweight, you should gain 28 to 40 pounds and if you are overweight, you should gain15 to 25 pounds.

When your nutrient intake isn’t the best it could be, you increase your risk of developing pregnancy related conditions such as preeclampsia, pregnancy hypertension, toxemia, and HELLP syndrome.


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How To Choose A Perfect Fitness Tracker For Yourself

When buying a fitness tracker, or any product for that matter, it is important to identify what works best for you not just in terms of functionality but personal style as well. The market is flooded with many fitness tracking gadgets that differ in pricing and model among many other things.

What are some of the things to consider when buying a lifestyle tracker so that you get maximum value for money?

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Extra functionality

Yes, a product that offers extra benefits is definitely a great buy. There are fitness trackers that have incorporated the latest technology to improve their ability to collect and present data. The newer brands of trackers have some additional capabilities like having built-in heartbeat rate monitors, a lot of sensors and also smartphone notifications. They are sort of hybrids between smartwatches and fitness trackers. You should also take note of the software of accompanying application, battery life and the ability to synchronize data with your phone or the web.


Since these gadgets are wearable, choose one that compliments your personal style. What’s your favorite color? Are you looking for a small screen or a large one? These trackers come in different designs and for you to have some personal attachment to them it is necessary that you choose something that suits your personal style. It’s similar to having a favorite car, clothe or even toy. The more you feel that it is a reflection of you the more you get attached to it. Trackers can also act as great fashion pieces and if you are a fashion forward person, you can use them to make a fashion statement.


Of course you don’t expect to buy something that will break down or get damaged within a very short time after purchase so it is necessary that you go for quality. Buying a fitness tracker that is durable will ensure that you enjoy its benefits for a long time and truly get good value for money. You can determine the durability of your tracker by checking the quality of material used to manufacture it. Some fitness tracking devices are also waterproof which makes them suitable for those who enjoy swimming or water sports.

Your age, weight and height

Because fitness trackers use algorithms to process data and relay information, choosing a gadget that matches your physical and biological features is one way of ensuring that you get accurate results. Buy a fitness tracker that is meant for somebody of your age, weight and height since that improves the accuracy of the data gathered and statistics presented.


Products, more especially tech-gadgets, can malfunction at will even without your intervention. Buying a fitness tracking device that has a warranty ensures that you don’t suffer any losses in case it stops working within a year from the time of purchase. It’s a way of safeguarding your investment so that you get value for money.

These are some of the important factors that can help you purchase the best fitness tracker that will serve its purpose and motivate you towards achieving your fitness goals.

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