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Pregnancy Nutrition to Help Control Weight Gain

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When you are pregnant, weight gain can be an issue, you aren’t just catering to your needs – you must always keep your baby’s needs in mind as well. The health of both you and your baby will depend on a number of choices that you will make.

weight gain


Nutrition during your pregnancy is very important because you are eating for both you and your baby. To meet the increased demands during pregnancy you need around 20 grams of extra protein and 300 Kcal of energy every day. You can easily meet your energy needs by eating more complex carbohydrates.

During your pregnancy, you require more energy for the baby to grow properly. You also need more folic acid, Vitamin B12, and iron for production of blood and muscles. Protein is very important to the baby’s muscle and tissue development. You also need extra protein for your muscles. You will also need additional calcium so that your baby’s teeth and bones properly develop.

Weight Gain

It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy. That weight gain is the result of the weight of the placenta, weight of the fetus, fluid retention, increase blood volume and fat. You are expected to gain between 25 and 35 pounds during your pregnancy. If you were underweight before you become pregnant then you are expected to gain between 28 and 50 pounds. If you were overweight before your pregnancy, you are expected to gain between 15 and 25 pounds.

If you are pregnant with twins, you should gain between 45 and 50 pounds. It’s important to have a healthy diet so that you don’t find yourself gaining too much weight.

You will have all kinds of cravings throughout your pregnancy and feeding those cravings is okay as long as you do it in moderation. Many times these cravings are for simple carbs, which are packed with calories that are of no benefit to us. These calories can quickly escalate the weight gain and that’s not what you want so remember ‘moderation.’

Eating healthy isn’t as difficult as you might think. It starts with eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are packed with tons of nutrients but few calories. Always choose organic whenever possible and wash your fruit and veggies well to avoid ingesting pesticides and other toxins from non-organic foods. Even organic can become cross-contaminated.

Your diet should also include whole grains and lean meat. Making good food choices will ensure that you do not gain more weight than you should. It will also make it much easier to lose the weight after your baby is born.

weight gain
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The Healthy Way to do Raw Food Diets

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In recent years, much has been said about the positive effects of a raw diet. Book after book, and article after article has spoken of the negative impact that too much heat can have on foods. Vitamins break down, carbohydrates loose their nutritional value, fats become toxic, and proteins are rendered virtually indigestible.

Still, that doesn’t mean you just eat any food at all that you want raw. There are some measures you do need to follow to ensure you stay healthy on the raw food diet. Like anything else in life, the key is moderation. Too much of anything, even something good, can be detrimental.


As an example, years ago people were touting the grapefruit diet as a great way to lose weight. The idea was, you ate nothing but grapefruit (hence the name). You could eat as many as you wanted, so long as that was all you ate. Well, that’s not good for you! Fruits contain acid; too much acid can upset the pH of your body, and will also damage your teeth. On top of that, fruit is lacking in terms of some of the nutrients you need for good health. You need balance. So, point one: meet with a doctor or dietitian and set up a good, healthy raw diet suited to your needs.

Next, be sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that it’s locally grown wherever possible. Now, this does mean that you’ll have to do without some fruits for some periods of the year, but it’s best for your overall health. Too much dried fruits can give you stomach and/or intestinal troubles (sometimes as simple as just gas), and be bad for your teeth.

Or, eating fruit that’s not grown locally means you don’t know under what conditions it was grown. What sort of pesticides and chemicals were used on it? What sort of soil was it grown in? These days, with the global economy, you could eat fruit from any place on earth! That gives you variety, sure. But wherever possible it really is better to stick with what you know, and learn to do without when some things are out of season.

Nuts make up a large part of a raw food diet. Here again, moderation is called for. Too many people start in on a raw diet, and start eating too many nuts. Nuts are naturally high in fat. Now, your body needs fat as part of its normal biological processes, but only a certain amount. If you load up your diet with avocados, nuts, and oils, that’s not healthy. Not only is there the issue of the fat, but some people have trouble digesting nuts.

Here again, this is why meeting with your doctor to discuss a raw diet first is the key to adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself getting very tired after eating some nuts, your body is having trouble metabolizing them, and you should stop. Ironically, if your body has trouble with nuts, this can lead to you suddenly craving a host of other foods; some you may have never been interested in before!

Finally, there’s the issue of knowing your source. Not for the foods you eat, but the advice you get. Your best friend may tell you how great their raw food diet is, and that you should do the same. Well, thank them, and then go see your doctor. Something as simple as a food allergy can undo all the sincere advice your friend gives you. As an example, if they’re eating a diet rich in whole grains, and you have an allergy to gluten, your doctor will tell you to substitute whole rice for grain.

Just follow a few simple steps, and you can be sure that your raw food diet is perfectly suited to your needs. Why not give the raw food diet a go and see how you can benefit from it?

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