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Why Aerobics are So Good for You

Aerobic exercise has been around since the 1980’s and has benefited the exercise community by strengthening the body, improving circulation, and increasing performance. Aerobic exercise was obsolete before 1978 when exercise was about strength and resistance training by building muscles.

However, people realized that strong muscles didn’t equal best athlete. Performance suffered due to the lack of oxygen and increased muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise requires the use of oxygen for the body to generate energy. Due to the increased period of time of exercise the body increases the circulation and transportation of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. This allows for longer endurance during competition. Although, aerobics are not only good for performance, they benefit the body as well.

The benefit of health and performance through aerobic exercise is based on the duration and frequency of exercise. It is recommended to get a minimum 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in on a daily basis. Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that increases the heart rate while increasing circulation throughout the body. Aerobics are the most prevalent cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it improve circulation throughout the body, it strengthens the heart and respiratory muscles.

Both the heart and lungs become more efficient at pumping blood and oxygen throughout the body as aerobic exercise becomes longer and more vigorous. Red blood cell count increases in the body to transport more oxygen for exercise. Aerobic exercise uses the large muscle groups throughout the body therefore strengthening them while in use. It also reduces the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. The resting heart rate and blood pressure both decrease from aerobic exercise. It improves mental health by decreasing stress and depression.

Aerobic exercise is good for weight loss because it burns more calories at a faster rate. It raises the metabolic rate (the amount of calories needed for the body to sustain at rest) and burns fat when done consistently. During the initial stages of aerobic exercise glycogen is broken down to produce energy. As the glycogen, which comes from carbohydrates is used up, the body moves onto fat to produce energy.

This is a longer process and can cause performance to decline. However, over time as you continue to do aerobic exercise the body becomes more efficient at storing glycogen in the muscles to be used for energy. And because of the increased energy endurance is improved. The body also increases vascularization of the muscles to improve blood flow. The body becomes better able to break down fats for energy. Aerobic exercise also speeds up the ability of muscles to recover from exercise.

Aerobic exercise is normally categorized into two areas, low impact and high impact. Low impact aerobics include stair climbing, walking, swimming, housework, etc. During low impact aerobics one foot stays on the ground to support the weight of the body. For the most part any healthy person can do low impact aerobic activities.

Walking is the most prevalent low impact aerobic exercise because it can be done anywhere without the use of any equipment and requires no skill. Even though walking is a weight bearing exercise it causes less injury to the knees, and joints. If you are looking to include aerobic activity in your exercise routine start with low impact and work your way up to high impact.

High impact aerobics include running, sports such as football, tennis, rugby, dance, etc. During high impact aerobics both feet come off the floor simultaneously, even for a moment which can cause jarring of the joints when the body weight hits the floor again. When including aerobics in your exercise routine, start with low impact and work your way up to high impact.

People who are overweight, elderly, injured, out of condition should get approval from a doctor before jumping into high impact aerobics. High impact aerobics should be preformed on opposite days as low impact aerobics. Remember aerobic activity should always be part of your fitness plan.

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4 Foods That are Effective for Weight Loss

As we all know, food is a major part of whether we put on or lose weight. Some foods truly make it difficult to lose weight like hamburgers and fries. Even though these bad foods are tempting, they can create cravings that are self-sustaining, destroy your blood sugar levels, and pack pounds around your waistline.

However do not despair – there are actually food and beverages which can assist you in losing weight! This is fantastic as although they are not magic bullets formulated by Scientists in a lab, they are natural foods.


Most people associate healthy food with having a bad taste. The truth is that many of these healthy and natural foods that help you to lose weight actually taste good and you can easily add them to your diet.

Here are the top 4 food and drinks for weight loss:


In the early 2000’s, there was a hit fad of the grapefruit diet. This was based on a study conducted in 2004 at the Scripss Clinic in California, where Researchers discovered that grapefruit meets its reputation as a superfood as they found that those who simply ate just half a grapefruit before a main meal dropped weight. If you are not into eating grapefruit or your city or country does not have fresh grapefruit all year round, then the grapefruit juice and capsules also work. However, the fresh grapefruit is best. In addition, it is great for your future health as it contains lycopene and liminoids which are compounds that help to fight cancer. Bonus!


People may love it with their Sunday Roast or on special occasions like Thanksgiving, but did you know it is actually one of the best weight loss superfoods? Even just canned pumpkin has plenty of fiber and is only 40 calories. What’s best is that it is also really easy to prepare – regardless of whether it is bought fresh or canned.

A great treat to go with either your Sunday Roast or just in time for Thanksgiving is to sprinkle the sliced pumpkin with a bit of nutmeg, artificial sweetener, and cinnamon. Add some almonds, and there you have a delicious and filling treat


Easily found in any supermarket, sardines are fantastic for weight loss. They contain lots of protein which will assist you in feeling full, and stimulate both your blood sugar and your metabolism. They are also an excellent source of Omega 3, which will assist in boosting your mood and strengthen your cardiovascular system. They are also cheap and free of heavy metals and mercury unlike other fish higher up on the seafood chain.

Green Tea

This drink is a slimming solution that has been backed by many studies around the world. It is great for promoting your health, regulating blood sugar, aiding in digestion, and is rich in antioxidants. It helps to boost your metabolism and also helps you to de-stress. It is recommended that people drink 5 cups of green tea per day.

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Ab Workouts – Muscular Strength vs Muscular Endurance

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Muscular strength is different from muscular endurance when it comes to ab workouts. Both types are very good at helping people lead a healthy, fit lifestyle and keep the body strong. However, if you want ripped abs, your best choice would be muscular strength training. You will get faster results!

People often have an ideal image of how they want to look, which determines what type of exercise program they should follow. If looking lean and muscular is your goal, then going for a long run will not be effective.


Muscular endurance activities will condition your body to perform well for that activity. The long, low intensity activity will require your muscles to be light, lean and sleek to be able to last for long distances or durations.

Muscular strength training is very effective at increasing the body’s metabolism. The increased size of the muscles causes the body to work harder to supply energy to the bigger muscles, which results in more calories burned and greater fat burning.

The increased muscular activity burns the food that we eat and when the body needs more fuel, it will use the excess body fat and burn that. When the body starts burning more fat, the abdominal area of our body will begin to show the underlying abs and give us more ab definition.

Resistance training with heavy weights and low repetitions forces the muscles to hypertrophy and increase its overall muscle activity. The increased intensity of the activity will cause a buildup of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Once the muscles slow down its intensity, the body will then deliver more oxygen to the muscles, to help replenish and remove waste products.

When the exercise intensity slows down or stops, the body will then continue to send oxygen to the muscles to remove waste and replenish the muscles to prepare for the next bout of exercise or activity. What also ends up happening is the body continues to replenish and repair the muscles, well after the exercise session and the body ends up burning fat throughout the day and night.

Having muscular endurance is good for general health and fitness. But if you want killer abs, you need to train for muscular strength. Training for strength will turn your body into a fat burning machine that will get you the rock hard abs that you’ve dreamed of.

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Adopting a Low Impact Aerobic Workout Can Help You Burn Fat Faster

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The most effective way to lose weight fast and easy is with a dependable low impact fat burning workout. We’re often told that strenuous aerobic exercise is the way to go for losing weight but quite often we are misled into believing that this is the only answer.

If you are a novice, you might harm yourself if you get started with high impact high intensity aerobic activity.

low impact

For that reason, it is better to start from the beginning at a moderate pace using low impact aerobic activity if you want to be able to get the most advantage from your fat burning routine. Walking for 20 minutes a day initially is a great way to build up your stamina if you have not been working out for very long.

The main goal of low impact aerobics is to get your heart going, and improve your circulatory system without damaging your skeletal structure in the process. I like jumping jacks and the jump rope because they can be done almost anywhere. Even though both involve jumping, they are surprisingly low impact workouts.

They are very easy and safe for beginners and offer progressive options for increasing intensity and skill. You can increase your proficiency and burn calories as well as fat. The point of fat burning workouts is to keep you in the zone for 24 to 48 hours.

Strength training also contributes to fat loss over an extended period. By including resistance training into your weekly the program, you can continue the fat burning process as you improve your muscle density.

High Intensity low impact fat burning exercises are a great way to get the fat burning results in an incredibly short span of time. Here’s how to lose weight and keep it off; try a rowing machine workout or the elliptical machine at a steady pace below aerobic capacity for 10 minutes. Gradually increase the intensity for three minutes.

Crank it up to a higher amount for two minutes say about 80% of maximum and then kick it up even further for one minute. Go all out for that one minute then return to the steady pace below aerobic capacity for another 10 minutes. This kind of variable intensity routine will get you burning fat in less time for sure.

This is perhaps the simplest way to lose weight for many people who are challenged with low metabolism. You’ll be able to boost your strength through these assorted workouts and are less likely to get bored if you are doing several movements from day-to-day.

Always get a check up from your physician when starting a new fitness program. If you want to lose weight fast and easy, adopting a low impact aerobic workout might be a fantastic way to go.

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How Superfoods Can Help with Weight Loss

Superfoods are the most nutrient rich foods available on the planet, and thus they are great for helping in weight loss. Many of them are quite filling due to the many healthy oils and proteins that they contain. As a result food cravings are dramatically reduced when superfoods are a part of the diet.

Some superfoods also contain high amounts of calories. Calories, however, are not always a bad thing, especially when they are loaded with important nutrients. An example of a calorie and nutrient rich superfood is the avocado. It contains all the amino acids that the human body needs to build its own protein. Plus, it contains many healthy fats that can keep the body feeling full for hours to come.


Naturally, the more nutrients one puts into the body, the less one craves for food; for the body craves the nutrients, and not the calories. Empty calories on the other hand, can add up quickly, but still leave one feeling hungrier than ever, because there are no nutrients in those types of foods.

Therefore, superfoods, even though some of them might be high in calories, are a good substitute for any other food on the plate, as well as for any other snack, as they can help to dramatically reduce the amount of food that is consumed.

In addition, many superfoods such as the avocado, nuts and seeds, broccoli, blueberries and acai contribute to an alkaline environment, which is absolutely essential for losing weight effectively. An alkaline environment also helps to keep the weight off in the long run. When the body is acidic, it makes it nearly impossible for the body to lose weight, as the acids get wrapped up in fat cells, resulting in weight gain, rather than in weight loss.

Furthermore, many superfoods are also low in calories. These include broccoli, blueberries, acai berries, tomatoes, asparagus and leafy greens. These foods can easily be combined with higher caloric foods such as nuts and seeds, avocados and coconuts. Thus one can still have a full plate and feel full, and lose weight at the same time.

Simple Recipe Ideas

The superfoods can be combined in fruit smoothies with acai, pineapple, mango, blueberries and avocados. Combining the fruits in a smoothie creates a naturally sweet drink that most people enjoy, and are great at any time of day or season.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of superfoods is to combine them into a rich salad, sprinkled with nuts and seeds. Depending on the foods, one can make a leafy green salad to go with the main meal, or, a fruit salad to enjoy as a dessert.

To make a simple salad dressing using one of the above mentioned superfoods, simple take an avocado and mash it up in a food processor or with a fork. The squeeze in a bit of lemon juice and add sea salt to taste. This makes for a thick dressing, but it is easily massaged into the leafy greens. The taste is fabulous.

Another idea is for a smoothie. Avocados make for a great addition to just about any type of fruit smoothie, as they provide a nice rich and creamy texture. Fruits and berries that go well with avocados are blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes and banana.

As for superfood powders, they are excellent in hot smoothies, but also work great in cold fruit smoothies as well. To make a hot smoothie using the superfoods, simply heat some water, and blend it with a bit of coconut oil. Then add your superfood powder, a natural sweetener such as raw honey or agave and enjoy.

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Thoughts On Improving Muscular Endurance in Women

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People often times get confused about what muscle endurance is and how to train to improve it. This is especially important in training women since many are afraid of “bulking up”.

First of all, muscle endurance is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to repeatedly contract without fatiguing. If you were riding a bicycle for a 40 miles, the thigh and leg muscles would be demonstrating their muscular endurance as they would be contracting with each pedal stroke for this distance.

muscle endurance

Muscle endurance is not the same as cardiovascular or aerobic endurance which illustrates the ability of your body to deliver oxygen to the body tissues. One would have a different workout emphasis to improve the heart and lungs and blood delivery of oxygen to the tissues than for muscular endurance as the emphasis. At the same time, training for one dimension of health like muscle endurance in the bicycling example, doesn’t preclude you from improving cardiovascular endurance. Chances are you would improve both even if that is not your goal.

Secondly, I am writing about muscle endurance because, as a female, I often hear women say they want to participate in a weight training program but not if they are going to “bulk” up. Commonly the trainer leading them in such a routine will suggest the use of lighter weights with many repetitions so they can improve muscular endurance in lieu of getting bigger muscles.

As a certified personal trainer, a university professor, and a woman with many years of experience in health and fitness from a variety of perspectives, this desire to “tone up” rather than “bulk up” always serves as a source of discussion for me.

First of all, women don’t have the testosterone levels to significantly increase the size of their muscles. Pick up an exercise physiology text and you can read the research that documents such. Secondly, women, especially pre- and post-menopausal women, need to lift a decent amount of weight to stimulate bone health which is decreasing as we age. Bone loss is especially substantial in the years following menopause. Another reason to engage in a weight routine with some “healthy” amount of weight, is to prevent sarcopenia, a loss of muscle mass which is usual with the aging process.

Bone loss or poor density can translate into fractures. Loss of muscle mass demonstrates a loss in strength. Both indicate a decreased ability to accomplish daily life tasks and ultimately, independent living can be the cost.

What would I suggest as an appropriate program for muscle endurance? Choose a weight for each exercise that is about 65% of the maximum weight you can lift in that exercise. For instance, if you can leg press 100 pounds, then you should have about a 65 pound load to train for muscle endurance. Press this 65 pound load for more than 12 times or repetitions. Rest 30 seconds, Repeat. Perform 2 or 3 sets of this exercise. Advance to the next muscle or muscle group and use the same “routine”.

Too many times, people are not engaging the principles that allow them to build muscle endurance. Too frequently, one set is performed and then a person “chats” with someone nearby and 5 minutes has passed before attempting the second set. For endurance, the rest periods must be short. Also, in many cases, the weight is too light for the benefits of helping the muscle “endure”.

If your goal is to build the endurance of a muscle, then you must lift the appropriate weight (about 65% of max for that exercise) and have short rest periods (less than 30 seconds). With such a program, a person will build some level of strength because you can’t improve endurance without some improvement in strength. But, the overriding improvement will be in the endurance of the muscle.

Women won’t likely increase the size of their muscle with this programming but they will achieve greater benefits by a heavier weight and shorter rest periods that are closely monitored and recorded than from previous “random” attempts at lifting without enough weight and rest periods of too great a length.

Finally, what if a woman gains a little muscle mass? If improving bone health and muscle endurance and strength is achieved so that quality of life is improved, isn’t this a small cost?!

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High Impact Aerobics

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No matter what the age, people these days bent upon different fitness regimes. Some people join the gym, others start off with yoga classes or aerobics sessions, others take up jogging and some others just get into any sports.

Most people can vouch for high impact aerobics that have helped them get that toned look. You can go for these aerobics classes at any of the fitness institutes near your locality.

high impact

Before joining any form of aerobics, you should first be aware of what aerobics is all about. Also, you should make an assessment of yourself and your work, and be able to schedule a work out time for yourself. Aerobics is basically a form of exercise that involves a session full of rhythmic, large muscle exercise, accompanied with music, usually with an instructor.

For most people, it is more than just exercise. It is a form of dance, movement, and even a lifestyle. These aerobics are classified into two types, based on the levels of intensity – low and impact aerobics.

Low impact aerobics involves at least one foot in contact with the floor during the complete session. High-impact aerobics is one wherein both the feet regularly lose floor contact. It involves running, jumping and hopping. This form of aerobics involves high energy, continuous exercises. Since high intensity aerobics involves a lot of foot usage, it is advisable for people with joint problems in the legs to not attempt these exercises.

Many people find aerobics as a good option to shed those extra kilos in a quick and easy way. You can find many people who can confirm that aerobics is a fun way to workout. These high impact exercises not just help you to reduce weight, but it also helps in strengthening the bones, joints and muscles. If you want to lose weight, or are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then this is the best form of exercise for you.

High impact aerobics usually offer more intense and stressful workouts. In order for you to get maximum benefits of these aerobic exercises, you should ideally have an aerobic session for at least 30 minutes for 4-5 days a week. If you are just starting off with this form of fitness, it is better to start off with low impact exercises first. Aerobics also serve as a good form of stress relievers.

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15 Weight Loss Superfoods

Here at Wonderfully Fit, we decide to combine a quick list of 15 superfoods to help with everyday weight loss. Of course there are more than listed below.

But we hope this list of Superfoods helps you along the proper path. Enjoy:



1. Egg Whites

Egg whites are the perfect way to start out your weight loss day! They are low in calories and fat, yet high in protein. Add some peppers, onions, spinach, lean turkey, or tomatoes for endless meal possibilities!
Best for: Breakfast, or Dinner

2. Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt contains bacteria that help to improve your digestion – flushing your system and aiding weight loss! Avoid yogurt with added sugar and fruits at the bottom. Can be mixed with berries & flax seeds for an extra boost.
Best for: Breakfast, or Snacks

3. Turkey

Turkey is a naturally very lean meat. It is high in protein and low in fat and carbs. Turkey breast is very versatile and can go well with soups, salads, veggies, and omelets.
Best for: Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

4. Broccoli

Broccoli contains soluble fiber and is a very low-calorie food – great for fat loss. It also contains iron and other vitamins to improve your overall health. Eat other green veggies too!
Best for: Lunch, or Dinner

5. Spinach

Spinach is a great substitute for the typical iceberg or romaine salads that everyone is used to. It is very dense in vital nutrients, low-calorie, and incredibly flavorful!
Best for: Lunch, or Dinner

6. Carrots

Carrots are a great snack or side dish. They are another low-calorie food that has a high nutrient content. Eating raw carrots taxes the digestive system which causes a greater calorie burn and faster weight loss.
Best for: Lunch, Snacks, or Dinner

7. Tomatoes

Studies have shown that tomatoes can prevent certain types of cancer. Not only that, but they are a great source of natural energy and pair nicely with most healthy meals.
Best for: Lunch, Snacks, or Dinner

8. Oranges

Oranges can naturally satisfy your “sweet tooth” cravings. They are refreshing, inexpensive, and are the perfect travel food. They contain vitamins and anti-oxidants which boost immune system function and even help to lower blood pressure.
Best for: Breakfast, Snacks, or Dessert

9. Apples

Apples contain pectin, which helps you to feel “full.” They contain vitamins and loads of anti-oxidants to improve your health as well! Another good travel food.
Best for: Snacks

10. Berries

Many berries contain relatively high amounts of fiber – causing you to feel full longer. They are also a great source of anti-oxidants.
Best for: Snacks, or Dessert

11. Quinoa

Many people still haven’t heard of quinoa… But it’s popularity is unsurpassed in the diet and weight-loss community. Quinoa is high in fiber and protein. It is gluten-free and is viewed as “healthier” than rice and oats.
Best for:  Lunch, or Dinner

12. Oats

Oats are a great source of fiber and healthy complex carbs for long-term energy. Oats fill you up much better than cold cereal and, with the addition of berries and spices, can make a delicious and satisfying meal.
Best for: Breakfast

13. Almonds

A handful of almonds can quickly put an end to any food cravings that might pop up throughout your day. They contain protein and healthy fats and are a great addition to your desk for snacks.
Best for: Snacks

14. Water

Your body retains water if you don’t drink enough of it… Drinking water actually prevents water retention! It also helps rebuild muscle and prevents dehydration. Be sure to drink at least two glasses of water at each meal!
Best for: Every Meal and Snack!

15. Green Tea

Strong antioxidant and natural diuretic. Green tea speeds up fat loss, prevents cancer, improves insulin levels, and increases circulation. Make the switch for coffee to green tea today!
Best for: Anytime!

So… Eat protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats every 3 hours, drink 2 glasses of water with each meal, and you’ll be a fat-burning machine in no time!

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Muscular Endurance Training

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Increase you stamina with muscular endurance training, short bursts of exercise and the long tedious endurance are both beneficial to the heart, don’t think the endurance training is only for marathon athletes simply playing football , swimming or cycling is classed as endurance training.

It has been found that a person who cycles stationary at a moderate intense speed for 40-60 minutes 3 days a week or 6 sets of shorter busts at 30-40 seconds allowing a recovery period of 4 minutes improves the arteries function and helps prevents the risk of disease, this builds up your stamina without this any exercise over a long period of time will be difficult with the lack of endurance.

endurance training

Aerobic endurance with this training the body is pushed to meet the intake of oxygen and fuel, as the body will only cope without oxygen for a short period of time that’s why endurance exercises are important as it helps produce energy for the body, which in turn improves the cardiovascular system and helps the blood flow and oxygen to circulate around your body.

With the modern sports of today stamina has become more recognized that’s why it is very important to engage in endurance training especially for sports like football, swimming or basketball where you are involved in short bursts of endurance over a long period in a game or race, but like any exercise only push yourself to what you body can cope with as you do not want to cause injury to your body, also remember to couple your training with the proper nutrition for your body to sustain any type of endurance training.

Aerobics… High Impact or Low Impact?

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Aerobic exercises are activities which raise your heart rate to about 60% to 80% of it’s maximum rate and sustain that rate for a minimum of 15 minutes. The more fit you are, the longer you can work out without becoming breathless.

There are two types of aerobic exercise: low impact and high impact. Let’s talk about some of the activities that fall into each category.


Low Impact

1. Walking

Walking is an easy aerobic activity because it requires no special equipment other than some comfortable, supportive shoes. It can be done on a treadmill if you prefer to exercise indoors. As you are able to walk for longer distances at a quicker pace, your weight loss benefits increase.

2. Step Aerobics

This is a rhythmic activity that incorporates the use of an aerobic step bench.

3. Bicycling

Cycling uses the large muscles of your legs to increase your endurance in a non-weight-bearing manner. If you are worried about your balance or simply prefer exercising inside you can use a stationary bike.

4. Swimming and Water Aerobics

These activities can really speed up your heart rate! Because of the resistance of the water, you burn more calories swimming than you do walking or running the same distance. For the same reason, any exercises done in water also burn more calories than those done on dry land.

High Impact

1. Aerobic Dance

This is the exercise of choice for many women because it is so much fun! You can find a class to join or workout with a CD or DVD. To make dance into a low impact activity, make sure you keep one foot on the ground at all times.

2. Running

Because you are obviously putting forth more effort, running burns more calories than the same amount of time spent walking. It is extremely important to wear shoes that fit well and are made specifically for running to protect your body from the repeated pounding.

3. Rope Jumping

This is another high impact activity that can have excellent cardiac benefits as long as it is maintained at a moderate pace for at least 15 minutes.

It is recommended that some type of sustained aerobic activity be done for 20 – 30 minutes three times a week. In order to stay motivated and not become bored you should vary the activities.

Ask your health care professional before starting an new exercise regimen. And remember, when engaged in aerobics, if you’re breathing too hard to be able to carry on a conversation, you need to slow it down!

Weight Loss Foods to Eat for Energy

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What are the best weight loss foods that act as fuel for your body? You want to make sure that you eat healthily, and that your diet is in the right proportions. This means that you need plenty carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, grains and pulses, enough protein foods such as lean meat, fish and poultry, and a little fat, preferably from fish or vegetable and seed oils. It also means plenty fruit and vegetables. It means cutting back on the ‘bad foods’ such as chocolate, potato crisps, cakes and pastries for example.

Some nutrients are very important to maintain high energy levels and those are obtained from what we like to call weight loss ‘superfoods’. Incorporate as many of these energy enhancing superfoods in your diet:



Anti-oxidants strengthen the immune system and fight free radicals, which cause cellular and tissue damage in the body resulting in accelerating the aging process. Vitamins A, C and E contain high levels of anti-oxidants as well as these foods: Red grapes, Garlic, Spinach, Broccoli, Berries, Green Tea and Carrots. Several degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, heart disease and cancers can be prevented by including high quantities of anti-oxidants in your diet. Anti-oxidants are also beneficial for helping to counteract the effects of modern day pollutants in our foods, such as pesticides, chemicals and radiation.

Vitamins E and B

These are essential for maintaining healthy red blood cells. Some foods that contain vitamin E are: Nuts, Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, Avocado’s, Brown Rice, Asparagus and Green Vegetables. These are some of the foods that contain vitamin B: Wheatgerm, Soya, Oats, Banana’s, Wholegrains, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Mushrooms, Pulses, Soya and Yogurt.

Zinc and Iron

These are both vital for maintaining energy levels and healthy red blood cells especially if you are exercising more or if you menstruate heavily. These are some foods that contain these two mineral: Meat, Eggs, Wholegrains, Dark Leafy Greens, Dried Apricots, Peaches, Fish and Seafood, Nuts, Seeds, Wheatgerm and Pulses.


A deficiency in this mineral is linked to chronic fatigue, low energy levels and fluctuating blood sugar levels. Some foods that contain magnesium are: Green Vegetables, Nut, Seeds, Pulses, Meat, Fish and Seafood, Figs, Banana’s and Brown Rice.

You will note that many of these weight loss foods contain all of the above nutrients, so eat as much of those as possible to ensure that you have optimum levels of energy in your weight loss program.

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How to Increase Your Muscular Endurance

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Most people do not have very high muscular endurance. This is the ability to keep your muscles going over long periods of time without getting too tired. For many, it’s not something that is ever attained as it’s not trained hard for at all. Find out what you can do to improve this in your body.

You have to train with endurance and really push yourself for you to ever get to these types of fitness levels. There is nothing wrong with normal routines for overall health or weight loss, but endurance routines will be pushing you each time that you do the workouts. Do a little more each workout to push yourself a bit further.


You can train this type of endurance through cardio workouts. These would be things like jogging, ellipticals, cycling, jumping rope, or other forms of cardio. You need to be doing these multiple days a week for best results. Each time you workout push for a little more distance in less time. You want to go further faster. The best way to train for this is through high interval training. This means that you have periods of very high intensity that you are going all out mixed with intermediate intensity where you are taking more of a break.

You can also train this endurance through weight lifting as well. When you want to build endurance, you are going to use lighter weights. The reason is that you are going to push yourself until you can’t do another repetition at all. This is best done with lighter weights as opposed to heavy ones that you can’t lift that much of at all.

You can also focus on the foods that you are eating especially before needing your endurance. Get in food into your body like carbohydrates to help fuel your body and give you a bit extra energy that can turn into more endurance.