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Using Your Own Home Workout Routines To Build Muscle Safely And Fast

With a bit of knowledge, it’s possible to add a lot of muscle to your body by designing your own Home Workout Routines. The other good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on expensive equipment if you know what you’re doing.

A terrific benefit of knowing how to design your own home workout routines is that you have absolute control over when you train. No need to wait for someone else to finish what they’re doing at the bench press unit for example.


You can also design routines that are will work for you – you will always be your own best trainer with a little knowledge.

The first thing you need to know is which exercises to perform. Get that worked out, and then purchase the equipment needed to do those movements.

If you have a barbell and some plates, you can do dead lifts. This is perhaps the most effective muscle builder there is – they work your entire body from tip to toe.

I strongly recommend that you invest in a trap bar – this makes the dead lift even more effective, because it takes some of the strain off your lower back, which means it’s easier to really work the big leg muscles before your back gets tired.

If you have the funds to spare, a power rack is an excellent investment. They’re not cheap, but a good one will last a lifetime, and it will repay itself many times over.

If you can’t afford a power rack then a set of old fashioned squat stands is a reasonable substitute. You may even find some second hand equipment, which is fine as long as it’s solid and stable.

With the power rack (or aforementioned squat stands) you can now safely perform the barbell squat, the only exercise that comes close to the dead lift as a muscle builder.

I’d bet that if you asked any of the top bodybuilders in the world how they built their muscle mass, they would all have used heavy squats or dead lifts to build their bodies.

Also with the power rack, you can do the military press, a terrific upper body exercise that some rate superior to the bench press. Some power racks also have a chinning and dipping attachment, and these are two terrific upper body mass building exercises.

Next, I’d invest in a decent bench. With the bench you can now do the bench press, without doubt the most popular exercise in the world. The bench press can add slabs of upper body muscle. Some adjustable benches are solid enough when flat, but they can be a bit rickety when in the elevated position, so beware!

Do the bench press inside your power rack, and then you can train it really hard and in complete safety.

You can see that it’s possible to design some really effective home workout routines without having to shell out loads of cash on expensive equipment. You actually don’t need to do a lot of different exercises to build muscle – far more important is to get good at a small selection of compound exercises, and then add weight to the bar on a regular basis whilst using impeccable exercise form.

A well designed home workout routine, decent diet and plenty of rest and sleep is the secret to transforming your body and fast.

Good luck!

Understanding how to design and plan home workout routines that will work for your body is perhaps the most important part of bodybuilding.

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How to Choose the Best Diet Plan for You

Yes, we know that the holidays are just lurking and will turn up pretty soon. It would not be long before we get invitations for dinners and cocktails. Other than thinking about what to wear for that swanky soiree, we know what else most of you are worried about the most: D-I-E-T. The holidays, it seems, is the best time to test your willpower when it comes to your diet regimen.

However, diet experts believe that for successful diet plans, it should be realistically attainable for every individual. There are plenty of different diet programs to choose from, and you can get easily overwhelmed with the many choices you have. Although there are diet plans that promises weight loss hunger-free, workout-free and with quick results, these things should not cloud your judgment in selecting the one that will work best for you. There are a number of factors that can influence the possibility of a successful weight loss plan:


Failed diet programs in the past

Have you tried a diet in the past that failed? Why did you think it failed? What is it about the diet that made you lose your motivation? Was it because of restrictive food choices? Or perhaps the diet gave you constant hunger pangs? Determining the reasons of past diet failures will help you understand your dieting strengths and weaknesses, and will help you make a better, more effective diet program.

Consider your budget

People often think that when one is on a diet, they are actually saving money because they spend less for food. While this premise might have a hint of truth about it, certain diet plans will in fact cause one to spend extra for meals that are specially prepared to follow a diet program. Others will even require a special diet supplement, and then some will call for regular support meetings. Do you think your budget fits the cost of a diet program?

Your Schedules

Do you have the time to shop and prepare foods that the diet plan asks you to follow? If not, then you know it’s not going to work for you.

Know the diet program developer

Is the diet plan developed by a qualified person? Is the diet based on scientific research? Again, if the answer is doubtful, you know it’s probably not going to work for you and for everybody else.

Get your support system

Getting support from other groups on diet will help you improve your focus and determination to succeed with a diet plan.

These are the basic factors that you have to consider before starting out any diet regimen. Do not forget to visit your doctor for advice regarding any diet that you would want to try, especially if you are suffering from such conditions as heart ailments or diabetes. A wrong choice of diet program might do you more bad than good so always check with your doctor first. Your doctor can also help you to set your goals when it comes to weight-loss plans.

How Do I Work Out My Back?

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The back is one of those areas a lot of us tend to forget about. Why? I’m not really sure, but looking back at when I first started working out, I suppose it was because I couldn’t really SEE it, so I wasn’t aware of how its shape really paled in comparison with the parts that “people see”.

As I get older and building muscle is less about appearance and more about personal goals and health, I’m acutely aware of how important a strong back can be, especially in terms of supporting ourselves during other exercises.


Enough of that, let’s get to it!

For this particular exercise, let’s focus on the lower lats, a major part of the back that people “see”.

We’re going to do pull-ups again, but this time the setup is a little different.

Take an OVERhand grip on the bar (assuming you have one!). Keep your knees bent and try to keep them in front of you (This prevents your back from arching as well as making sure you’re isolating those lats).

Before you even mess with what your arms are doing, pull with your shoulders. Then bring yourself up until your chin is slightly above the bar (or handles, whatever you’re using). When you get to the top, make sure your shoulders are pressed down, and pull your elbows in toward your sides simultaneously.

Pretty self-explanatory lift, really. The only pointer I can think of is to keep a wide grip; it will help build your upper lats, as well as rhomboids.