Good Diet and Exercise Work Hand In Hand

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Good Diet and Exercise Work Hand In Hand To Keep You Healthy At The Office And Beyond

Let’s talk about diet and exercise and how they work together. To clarify, by diet I mean the food you eat, not necessarily eating a low calorie or restricted diet. To make sure you stay fit and healthy, both at work and in your life in general, you have to get at least some exercise and eat a fairly healthy diet. Let’s look at why it is so important to take care of both and how they complement each other.


If you’re wanting or needing to lose a bit of weight, you’ll see the quickest and best results by combining exercise and eating a healthier diet lower in calories. Not only will the exercise help you burn more calories and thus burn more body fat, compared to cutting calories alone, it has other benefits. Endorphin and other “feel good” chemicals released by your body when you workout will help you stay in a good mood and motivated to work on losing weight. They can even suppress your appetite at times, making it easier to eat less. Additionally working out will help you tone and strengthen your body. That helps burn more calories overall as you increase muscle mass and tones and tightens as you start to lose those extra pounds.

If you’re an athlete, you know how important it is to fuel your body with the right types of foods. A healthy diet can help you perform better, not just during your workouts, but also during your regular work day. If you’re having trouble focusing and staying productive, try cleaning up your diet and going for a daily walk. You’ll see some results quickly when you start to feed your body with the nutrients it needs.

Interestingly as you start to work out and work on getting fitter, both in the office and at the gym after work, you’ll get more interested in the proper diet to fuel your workouts and keep you on top of your game. This works both physically and mentally. On the flip side, eating healthy gives you the energy to go out and move more. Maybe it’s being motivated to go for a quick walk after eating a fresh salad for lunch instead of feeling like an afternoon nap at your desk after a heavy lunch. Maybe it’s feeling energized and walking over to talk to a co-worker instead of emailing after a healthy breakfast. Or maybe it’s finding the willpower to hit the gym after work thanks in part to a healthy pick me up snack instead of heading home to cook dinner.

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