Stuck On A Project? Go For A Walk And Clear Your Head

We all have days when the work just seems to flow. We get more done on those days and the quality of work seems better too. Then we have days where nothing seems to work right. We get stuck on a project with a looming deadline. It can get frustrating and we do everything we can to get through it. We try to force the flow and work long hours to get stuff done. Sadly that isn’t always the best approach.

The next time you’re stuck on a project and just can’t get into the flow of things, I want you to try something different. I want you to walk away for a bit. Yes, you heard me right. No matter how tight your deadline or how urgent it is to get the project done, I want you to walk away. It doesn’t have to be for a long period. Just go for a quick stroll around the building or down the road. If that’s not an option, at least take a quick walk down the hallway or do a few stretches and jumping jacks in your office. All of this will help you clear your head and re-energize you. Often that’s just what it takes to get “unstuck”.


There are two positive things at work when you get away from your desk and move around, even if it’s just for a few minutes. The exercise will get your blood moving and that means more blood, and more oxygen is sent to the brain. If you can get outside even better. The fresh air and sunshine will help invigorate you.

Secondly, by walking away and not thinking about the project for a little while, you’re giving your subconscious a chance to take over. Often you come back and find that the solution to your problem was right in front of you. You just didn’t see it. Once you sit back down at your desk after your short break, you’re ready to get back to work.

Don’t be surprised to find that the flow that was so elusive earlier is suddenly there and the work flows much easier. You’re unstuck and back to making massive progress. That’s well worth spending a few minutes away from your task, isn’t it? Not only does it make you more productive, it also helps you de-stress and it’s good for body and soul.

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