Designer Whey Protein Diet Shakes

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Ever since the discovery of whey protein as a perfect source of amino acids that is highly important in building muscle mass and in boosting the immune system, a lot of people can’t get enough of their dose of whey proteins.

It is now available in many forms such as supplements, concentrates and designer whey protein diet shakes. This gave a lot of people a considerable variety of brands to choose from depending on the consumer’s preference and the dietary requirements needed.

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In comparison to whey protein supplements, designer whey protein diet shakes are far more tasty and is largely preferred by many who are picky when it comes to tastes. Most of these designer diet shakes comes in 5 flavors, which includes vanilla praline, chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry and natural. One of its market appeals is aside from being far more tasteful, it is also relatively easy to prepare, a very important feature especially for active people who are always on the run and keep hectic schedules.

Each serving of designer whey protein diet shakes would usually contain 92 calories, 1.2g of fat, 2.8g or carbohydrates and 17.5g of whey protein. All the attributes of the products make the designer whey protein diet shakes America’s number one selling protein drink. Toppling over the concentrates and supplements that are also a popular form of whey protein source.

It is mostly marketed as an excellent option for a post workout nutritional drink since it can be easily absorbed in the body during this phase. Aside from this, designer whey protein diet shakes can also be taken early in the morning as a healthy drink that can provide a high dose of energy that can sustain you even through the most grueling day.

Ordinarily, people can get their daily supply of protein from different food groups. However, meeting the recommended daily dietary requirement would also mean increasing food consumption. This is certainly not an option to many individuals who would want to avoid gaining weight. The designer whey protein diet shakes would provide the certain amount of protein that the body needs without gaining additional pounds in the process.

This is a great alternative for athletes and body builder who would want increase their consumption of whey protein, since they would normally require additional amounts that most ordinary people do. They will be able to build and develop their muscles while still keeping body light and flexible.


whey protein
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Whey Protein Is Good For You

Do you always want your burger to have more than a thin slice of cheese? How about not missing a bowl full of chocolate cereal with fresh milk before rushing to the office for a day’s work? Do you sit lazily on the couch scooping a spoon of yogurt in your mouth while watching your favorite show on the Lifestyle Channel? Actually, all of those are of great advantage in your immune system because whey protein is good for you.

Ever since time immemorial, the thought of “whey protein is good for you” has also been very applicable to people who lived more than a hundred years ago. The foods that were mentioned such as cheese, milk and yogurt are all dairy products that have existed how many periods ago. Those have been extracted from an animal, cow to be exact, organically has a hormone that can stimulate tissue growth and promote tissue mass.whey protein

Whey protein is good for you because it contains all the amino acids, be it essential or non- essential, needed by the human body. The high biological value (BV) of the building block is also another reason as well as with the net protein utilization and efficiency protein rating that are considered to be lofty in figures.

A candidate for being able to maximize the development of muscles is also among the grounds why there should be a recommended daily allowance of twenty grams.

The optimal equilibrium is also why whey protein is good for you. Meaning, there is a boost in the glutamine acid and taurine acid. Glutamine acid is considered to be very vital in nitrogen metabolism for biosynthesis in purines and pyrimidines. Taurine acid is very much abundant in fauna creatures that live in the sea and is a copied version of cysteine that contains sulphur. Both appears to be very beneficial in other processes in the human body.

As for professional sports players, the campaign of “whey protein is goof for you” will never sound like a broken record for them. Athletes would all the more appreciate the consumption of the building block especially for those individuals who are working on to achieve a desirable physique. Putting that they have low blood concentrations of glut-amine acid than taurine acid, the case is actually alarming because it will open to a halt of functions in the immune system as well as slow recovery after a strenuous exercise.


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Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Known as the leader in manufacturing commercial products that are sources for building blocks that contain a complete set of amino acids, Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein manages two companies under its feathers namely American Bodybuilding and Science Foods.

ON has four production facilities that are all advanced in nature occupying a land that measures up to 500, 000 square feet. The corporation is the only in the industry that sells items in different categories.

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Be it bars, minerals, herbs, powders, drinks, vitamins and bites, Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein sees into the littlest details of what they put up for sale in the market. ON has a counterpart namely Costello Health Distributors that makes sure all orders are delivered right into the customer’s doorstep in time. The items of the corporations can also be spotted in various stores to cater to individuals who are conscious of their health condition.

With Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein, you can be assured that the merchandise has the premium quality. Before launched to the public, all of ON’s items went through stringent standards while being tested in the laboratory. On another note, their customer service representation has been one of the reasons why their loyal patrons keep on coming back. As a new client, you will definitely see for yourself why the corporation has been regarded as such.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein is currently endorsed by two women athletes who have competed in the IFFB Professional Figure namely Pauline Nordin and Jessica Paxson.

Pauline Nordin believes that one of the common blunders individuals make is putting on extra body mass. According to her, there is no sense in gaining forty pounds of fat just to build those muscles. Pauline shared that when the case will happen to her before a contest, she will be having hard time at the start of preparation because she has another goal aside from taking home the crown and that is to shed off those additional flabs. There is then a need to understand the catabolic state which means losing tissues in the process.

Jessica Paxson has been always been living an active life ever since her college days in the University of Tennessee. When she gets ready for a show, her whole day revolves only into eating her foods and performing her training. Jessica had a very hectic schedule then where she all the more learned how to be disciplined in the minutest areas such as waking up early in the morning and sleeping at a decent hour in the evening. She then parted that a meal should not be skipped because it will be very crucial on how you will appear physically.


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Does Whey Protein Build Muscle?

The introduction of whey protein as a primary supplement in muscle gain has caused quite a stir in the health industry, body builders and fitness enthusiasts. However, there are still some people who cast some doubts and raise questions as to its viability.

So, does whey protein build muscle? Read on and closely examine the facts directly relating to whey protein and if there is really a grain of truth to it.

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The primary thing to do is to scrutinize the main components of whey protein and how it is produced. For people who have not come across any information regarding whey protein, it can be naturally derived from dairy products, eggs, vegetables and soy proteins. However, it had been known that the whey protein powder that is sold in the market contains more of its benefits that a person can possibly get from any other sources.

The whey protein powder contains high amounts of BCAA or what is known as branched chain amino acids that are widely accepted to be an important ingredient in formation and retention of muscle in the human body. This is why whey protein is becoming increasingly popular in body builders since it basically supplies the important building blocks that could make the body produce more amino acids. The amino acids are the principal ingredients that the body will need in order to build lean muscle tissue.

So for people who incessantly pose the question ‘does whey protein build muscle?’ you can set aside all your skepticisms. According to studies solely conducted to investigate its efficacy, whey protein contains the ideal mixture of amino acids and has the ideal concentration for the optimum performance in the human body. Aside from addressing the issue if whey protein builds muscle, it is also believed that it also plays a major function as an anti-oxidant and effectively strengthens the immune system.

Whey protein is considered a relatively safe complement to the daily diet, provided that the person shall take no more than 30 grams in one sitting. Excessive dosages would cause an overload in the liver and can possibly trigger some health complications. For those people who still can quite shake off their misgivings and doubts if really whey protein does build muscle, they can find out for themselves. Scientific studies have proven that the intake of whey protein is quite harmless even taken on a daily basis.

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The Best Time to Take Whey Protein

Since the discovery of whey protein as a primary supplement to help in the development of body muscle, a lot of health buffs can’t seem to get enough of their own supply. Everyone seems to be scampering to get his or her whey protein supplements, especially athletes and body builders who are naturally in dire need of building muscle mass.

Although protein can be derived in common food groups such as fish, milk, eggs, cheese and beef, increasing intake on such food will also mean an increase in weight, which a lot of people would want to avoid at all cost.

whey protein

Luckily enough, there are whey protein isolates that enables people to increase the protein levels in the body without having to hoard on protein rich food products. Since people who engage in strenuous physical activities and exercises are literally tearing their muscles down and rebuilding them, it is important that they should have adequate supply of whey protein in the body. The best time to take whey protein would greatly vary from one person to another, largely depending on the person’s diet. However, here are three of the best times to take whey protein and ensure maximum efficacy:

Right After Every Workout – since whey protein has large amounts of amino acids, it is highly critical to take higher amounts at this point because the human body undergoes into the cycle of recovery and growth right after a full body workout.

First Thing in the Morning – this is the best time to take whey protein since the protein levels are down after long periods of sleep.

Before Bedtime – taking whey protein supplement right before sleeping would significantly prevent the breakdown of protein that would naturally occur during sleep. If you are not entirely focused on building muscle, the protein breakdown would be fine. But if you’re goal is to build muscle mass, you would naturally want to lessen the protein loss in you body. Hence, it is the best time to take whey protein in order to slow down your protein metabolism while asleep.

However, it is important to note that like everything else, too much consumption of whey protein can be detrimental to the human body. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad. To ensure that your intake is properly absorbed in the body, you have to know when the best time to take whey protein is. You don’t need to increase your consumption of whey protein but instead concentrate more on making sure that the protein you take will not go to waste.

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Whey Protein Recipes

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Since the introduction of whey as a primary source of protein, people come in droves to get their own supply of whey protein supplements, concentrates, shakes and smoothies. This progress in the consumer health industry has prompted manufacturers to be more innovative and to constantly offer something new to discerning consumers. This ushered in the introduction of several whey protein recipes that can be done in the convenience of one’s own home.

Among the most popular whey protein recipes are the high protein shakes, bars and diet snacks that usually use whey powders that can easily be purchased in grocery stores and supermarkets. These whey protein recipes add a new twist to the otherwise boring shake drinks.

whey protein

If you are interested on the different whey protein recipes, try to visit, which offers a number of ideas on the different preparations of whey protein powders. Some of their popular whey protein recipes include brain boost shakes, fat loss shake, high performance shake, and chocolate nut butter spread, among others.

If you are thinking of drinking whey protein every single day, you would naturally lose interest after some time by the sheer monotony of the drink. Through the availability of different whey protein recipes, you will be able to take full advantage of the health benefits of drinking whey protein and actually look forward to drinking it. Most of the recipes are so easy to follow and can be prepared in just a couple of minutes or so. This is because it is an established fact that would people nowadays greatly value efficiency and convenience in almost all aspects in their lives. So if you don’t have time for a full breakfast meal, any whey protein drink would be perfect to start your day right.

It’s a valuable habit to practice incorporating whey protein in one’s daily regimen. And it would be quite beneficial to train even small children and teenagers to develop the taste for it. However, for most parents it would pose a great challenge since most children would view it as a form of medication and that would naturally mean a less than desirable taste. Through the creative whey protein recipes, parents can include the protein in their child’s diet without having to use any persuasive tactics and wear out even the patience of a saint. Since growing children would need large amounts of protein in order to develop strong muscles during the growing up years, the recipes would make the consumption of whey protein more enjoyable for both young and old.


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Whey Protein Facts

Aside from casein, what is another primary ingredient found in a product extracted from a cow? It is none other than whey protein which can also be obtained from plenty of processed items fresh from the farm. For example a cheese, from the time of manufacture, the liquid portion is divided from the curd. Afterwhich, purification follows in order to come up with a wide variety of concentrations beneficial for other food merchandise.

In the composition of milk, whey protein facts would say that there is only twenty percent present while the rest of the eighty percent belongs to casein. However, the figure is not all true with the rest that are available in the market. There are variations based on the factors such as source, method, type and distributor.

whey protein

Source would speak about where exactly did the processed items fresh from the farm originated.
Method would talk about what was the particular technique applied in production.
Type would speak about what is the certain classification of the food merchandise.
Distributor would talk about who is responsible of the specifications being set.

Upon studying whey protein facts, you will be able to learn about isolate and concentrate. Whey protein isolate is more expensive that has a percentage of 90 to 95 of building blocks. Whey protein concentrate is less costly that has a percentage of 25 to 89 of natural nutrients. There is actually not much difference between isolate and concentrate however, like other things, there will always be a demarcation line that will set each other apart.

Whey protein facts also suggest that the manner of hydrolysis smashes down the building blocks into little pieces known as peptides. This kind of building block does not give any hassle in digestion and will even help in reducing the reaction to allergies. The quality of this natural nutrient has been constantly high which is among the reasons why there is a mixture in the formulations specially created for athletes and infants.

Whey protein facts also indicate that there should be sufficient amount of intake in a daily basis. People that are required to have more medical attention have to initially consult their physicians for a personalized program. Remember that when you consume rich amounts of this building block, it is a must for you to drink a minimum of six to eight glasses of water each day so you would not be dehydrated.

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Whey Protein

Do you know that there are a lot of dairy products that bring about great benefits to the human body? There are a lot such as this blend of natural nutrients typically extracted from milk, whey protein is where alpha- lactalbumin and beta- lactoglobulin can be taken from. As compared to other of its kind, this building block has been proven to be easily digested. One of those that are very difficult to masticate is casein which has been coagulated and found to be abundant in cheese.

Alpha- lactalbumin is a type of whey protein that is rich in tryptophan where the immune system utilizes in generating monoamine serotonin. Recently, there was a study conducted that revealed the advantage of combining the said kind of building block with one’s diet. There was such a favorable result especially for people who were susceptible to encountering dilemmas with fatigue. Researchers believe that alpha- lactalbumin can increase the level of neurons in the brain.

whey protein

When you do not take in dairy products such as cream, butter, yogurt and gelato, you will most likely be deficient in whey protein. However, there are other sources where you can obtain the amino acids present in the building block. Health professionals suggest that everyday, there should be at least twenty grams of intake of the likes of milk and cheese. For those that are normally engaged in strenuous activities such as athletes, they need to consume as little as twenty- five grams in a daily basis.

Allergies can never be avoided like individuals who react when they eat any cream, butter, yogurt and gelato. When there are negative effects then do not make the matter worst and stop feeding yourself with those because actually, when there is excessive amount of natural nutrients, there has been a close association with bone damage and kidney deterioration. Albeit, until this juncture, there are no proofs that extreme eating of food sated with whey protein can result to the mentioned problems.

There is this controversial issue that says, there are particular properties in milk that can actually motivate the development of diabetes in children. The news is unmistakably alarming especially to nursing mothers that still have young kids. To avoid any complications, it is then highly recommended that those people who are keeping away from any form of cow extract due to the risk of high glucose blood sugar should also avoid whey protein, all at the same time.


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