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How Do I Overcome Cravings For Soda

Craving a soda to drink can be something that happens all the time or it can be something that happens every now and then, if you always want a soda and soda is something you drink all of the time than you may have caffeine rushes at times as well as teeth that are stained.

There are several things you can do in order to stop craving sodas as much as you do. The following are seven steps in which you can take in order to do so.

For starters you should only purchase and consume sodas that are free of caffeine, they are still refreshing with how they taste but they do not have as many calories so they are a healthier version of soda to have. Having other kinds of liquids to drink around the house is a wise choice to drink as well such as lemonade, milk, apple juice, water, orange juice and more. When you are craving a soda do not go and get one, instead drink some water and if you are not wanting water then drink some juice and drinking from a glass is a great choice to make too.

The fourth thing you can do is if you wake up in the middle of the night and want a soda you do not drink one instead drink a little bit of milk that is more refreshing and will be easier on your stomach. If you drink soda from bottles keep them and fill some up with water like your sprite bottles that are empty and your Coca-Cola bottles that are empty up with some tea.

Remember that your body gets naturally addicted to caffeine and sugar so instead of drinking soda all the time replace some drinks or something else with another kind of food that has sugar in it; consider snickers that are fat free, some cake or even a bag of candy that is small. Small steps are what you need to take and then go from there.

You should also be sure to work out on a regular basis because getting exercise is very important when it comes to living a lifestyle that is healthy and it is vital in losing weight and keeping that weight that you just lost off. Working out leads to sweating and when you are sweating you are really losing weight but with all of that sweating you are also losing fluids that your body needs in order to properly work so to balance things out you need to drink a lot of water to replace those fluids but in a healthy manner.

Drinking some sports drinks like Power-Aid and or Gatorade help with providing your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs to get energized again so drink like half a bottle of each for starters or something like that, mixing it up helps keep your body and its system on its toes which is what you want.