How to Prevent Getting Binge Eating Disorder.

For some, eating can be of serious concern, especially for binge eaters. Binge eating is the excessive consumption of food in short intervals of time. After binge eating, you will usually experiences feelings of shame and regret. However, there is likely an underlying factor contributing to your binge eating. It will be explained how you can prevent binge eating before it starts.

How Can I Prevent Myself from Binge Eating?

One way to prevent binge eating is to follow an eating schedule. You should not under eat. Under eating will only make you feel hungrier, and is not at all healthy. Scheduling your eating times and eating healthily is a good plan if you wish to end your struggle with binge eating. Do not be overly concerned with your weight, as this will only cause you further stress. Instead, you should focus on eating healthily and staying on schedule with your eating times. After all, worrying will not help you lose weight.

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You should also recognize what triggers your binge eating or if you are binge eating due to past trauma. Many with binge eating disorder seek out professional help to identify the underlying causes of their eating disorder. You should not be ashamed of seeking professional help as many are in your same situation and need similar help. You deserve to start living a happy, healthy life. Professional help will allow you to change your thoughts and finally be free of what is causing you to binge eat.

Another strategy to preventing yourself from binge eating is to not be around foods you are likely to binge on. Also, many suggest that you find something other than food to give you happiness. Perhaps you enjoy some other activity that can replace eating, such as exercise or painting. Participating in relaxing activities may also allow you to prevent binge eating. Deep breathing, music, or conversing with friends can be a perfect way to calm you. Once you feel the urge to binge eat, you should begin participating in some relaxing activity so as to prevent binging.

If you find yourself beginning to binge eat, try to control your thoughts. You are not a hopeless cause if you begin to binge eat, and can stop midway through. All you must do is learn to relax and control your thoughts in these stressful situations. For this reason, it is vital to seek professional help to learn how to control these urges.


There is much you can do to prevent binge eating. Replacing food with something that will bring you equal or greater pleasure is a great strategy, but of course, do not abuse what you replace food with. Also, seeking professional help will allow you to identify and be free from the factors that are causing you to binge eat. Finding methods of relaxation and changing your thoughts are all part of the process of finding happiness. If you struggle with binge eating, there is no reason to simply accept the situation. Know that you are not alone, and there is plenty of help available to you. You are worth overcoming binge eating.