Treatment and Medications for Binge Eating Disorder

If you are suffering with binge eating disorder, there are many outlets available offering help. Know that you are not alone, and you are worth the fight to end your struggle with binge eating. It is time to take control of your life, and be happy and healthy. The different methods of how you can seek help for binge eating will be explained.

What are My Options?

In order to get your binge eating under control and start losing weight, there are steps you must take in order to identify the factors that are causing such behavior. Seeking out a therapist has been proven effective for binge eaters. Therapy will allow you to discuss your concerns with a therapist and possibly learn about the underlying factors contributing to your binge eating. Ultimately, therapy will focus on your relationships and what they mean to your binge eating. You are likely to find that some of your relationships or past relationships are harming your psychological health, and are contributing to your binge eating. Through therapy, you will also learn to change certain thoughts and behaviors that may be preventing you from overcoming binge eating disorder.

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In addition to therapy, you may be prescribed medications designed to help you lose weight or control moods associated with binge eating disorder. These medications should not be taken without supervision from a therapist. The reason you should not use these medications without supervision from a therapist is because you may suffer from side effects that may put you at an increased risk of suicide. However, the combination of psychotherapy and prescription medication has been proven effective, and you will likely see your binge eating episodes greatly diminish.

Another strategy to use in ending your struggle with binge eating is to schedule your eating times and avoid foods you would normally binge on. Staying on a schedule will regulate your body on when to start feeling hungry and when to feel full. Also, do not under eat. Under eating is not a healthy approach. You need a daily amount of calories and nutrients in order to live healthily. You may even wish to ask your doctor if you are receiving proper nutrients as many with binge eating disorder take in an excess of fat and calories, but not enough of other needed nutrients. Moreover, under eating will cause you to feel hungrier and may cause you to sway off your schedule. You can lose weight without under eating.

Of course, another great approach to losing weight is through exercise. Exercising has also been proven effective in reducing stress, which is often a contributing factor to binge eating episodes. Finally, a method to avoid is taking dietary supplements without first consulting your doctor. Those with binge eating disorder very often abuse dietary supplements, so it is vital to ask a professional before going on any diet plans.


Although fighting your battle with binge eating may seem overwhelming, you are not alone. There are many outlets available that will allow you to get the help you need in order to be happy and healthy. It is highly recommended that you seek out professional help from a therapist. If you are prescribed medication, you should not neglect your therapy sessions as the medication may have side effects that are dangerous without proper supervision from a professional. Remember that you are worth the fight against binge eating disorder.