Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Known as the leader in manufacturing commercial products that are sources for building blocks that contain a complete set of amino acids, Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein manages two companies under its feathers namely American Bodybuilding and Science Foods.

ON has four production facilities that are all advanced in nature occupying a land that measures up to 500, 000 square feet. The corporation is the only in the industry that sells items in different categories.

whey protein


Be it bars, minerals, herbs, powders, drinks, vitamins and bites, Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein sees into the littlest details of what they put up for sale in the market. ON has a counterpart namely Costello Health Distributors that makes sure all orders are delivered right into the customer’s doorstep in time. The items of the corporations can also be spotted in various stores to cater to individuals who are conscious of their health condition.

With Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein, you can be assured that the merchandise has the premium quality. Before launched to the public, all of ON’s items went through stringent standards while being tested in the laboratory. On another note, their customer service representation has been one of the reasons why their loyal patrons keep on coming back. As a new client, you will definitely see for yourself why the corporation has been regarded as such.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) whey protein is currently endorsed by two women athletes who have competed in the IFFB Professional Figure namely Pauline Nordin and Jessica Paxson.

Pauline Nordin believes that one of the common blunders individuals make is putting on extra body mass. According to her, there is no sense in gaining forty pounds of fat just to build those muscles. Pauline shared that when the case will happen to her before a contest, she will be having hard time at the start of preparation because she has another goal aside from taking home the crown and that is to shed off those additional flabs. There is then a need to understand the catabolic state which means losing tissues in the process.

Jessica Paxson has been always been living an active life ever since her college days in the University of Tennessee. When she gets ready for a show, her whole day revolves only into eating her foods and performing her training. Jessica had a very hectic schedule then where she all the more learned how to be disciplined in the minutest areas such as waking up early in the morning and sleeping at a decent hour in the evening. She then parted that a meal should not be skipped because it will be very crucial on how you will appear physically.