Designer Whey Protein Diet Shakes

Ever since the discovery of whey protein as a perfect source of amino acids that is highly important in building muscle mass and in boosting the immune system, a lot of people can’t get enough of their dose of whey proteins.

It is now available in many forms such as supplements, concentrates and designer whey protein diet shakes. This gave a lot of people a considerable variety of brands to choose from depending on the consumer’s preference and the dietary requirements needed.

whey protein

In comparison to whey protein supplements, designer whey protein diet shakes are far more tasty and is largely preferred by many who are picky when it comes to tastes. Most of these designer diet shakes comes in 5 flavors, which includes vanilla praline, chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry and natural. One of its market appeals is aside from being far more tasteful, it is also relatively easy to prepare, a very important feature especially for active people who are always on the run and keep hectic schedules.

Each serving of designer whey protein diet shakes would usually contain 92 calories, 1.2g of fat, 2.8g or carbohydrates and 17.5g of whey protein. All the attributes of the products make the designer whey protein diet shakes America’s number one selling protein drink. Toppling over the concentrates and supplements that are also a popular form of whey protein source.

It is mostly marketed as an excellent option for a post workout nutritional drink since it can be easily absorbed in the body during this phase. Aside from this, designer whey protein diet shakes can also be taken early in the morning as a healthy drink that can provide a high dose of energy that can sustain you even through the most grueling day.

Ordinarily, people can get their daily supply of protein from different food groups. However, meeting the recommended daily dietary requirement would also mean increasing food consumption. This is certainly not an option to many individuals who would want to avoid gaining weight. The designer whey protein diet shakes would provide the certain amount of protein that the body needs without gaining additional pounds in the process.

This is a great alternative for athletes and body builder who would want increase their consumption of whey protein, since they would normally require additional amounts that most ordinary people do. They will be able to build and develop their muscles while still keeping body light and flexible.