Exercise and Fitness Tips for Everyone

Do you have trouble getting the initiative to work out? Feel like it’s not even worth the effort sometimes? Well, as doctors will tell you, keeping fit and exercising are crucial to good health.

The following are some exercise and fitness tips for staying in shape with the least amount of conflict with your busy schedule.


1. Walk

Walking is an extremely effective workout that can be done anywhere with little effort. Even in your everyday life you likely walk many places, simply because it is necessary.

Walking for exercise can either be a refreshing walk outside (with the dog, with a friend, etc.), or you may simply choose to walk places instead of using other forms of transportation. For instance, if you work a few blocks away, you may choose to walk to work every day instead of driving. You can also make other decisions such as choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Walking can also be done in place of another cardio workout. For instance, speed walking with weights can burn many more calories and leads to more muscle mass gain than if you just walked at a slow, normal pace.

2. Use Technology

There are new technologies that can help you burn calories. These include computer games, video games (such as Wii Fit), and the old standby, aerobic workout videos. All of these technologies make losing weight and getting fit fun.

3. Dance

Dancing is seen by many as the most fun form of exercise. While aerobic videos often feature dancing, simply listening to a CD and dancing along to it at home can help keep you fit. You may even dance while you are cooking or doing other chores without the music, and have fun while you are doing it.

4. Watch a Favorite TV Show While Working Out

If you own a home gym or go to a fitness center that has TVs, pop in a DVD or Netflix of your favorite show while you work out. You can even make your workout session the only time that you watch that particular show. This gives plenty of incentive to stay fit.