Weight Loss Training & Fitness Tips for Men Over 40

You might have heard the saying – Life begins after 40. It is the age when our body goes through many internal & external changes. We become vulnerable of ailments at this stage. So one must take utmost care of their health at this age.

The fitness for men over 40 might vary as compared to the women as the hormonal changes differ in the two.

fitness for men
Here are some weight training & fitness tips for men over 40:

Diet: At this age its best to take a balanced diet that comprises of all required nutrients. These include vitamins, minerals and most of all fibers. In order to balance your weighty that is very important over 40, you must have your meals on time and avoid trans fats. Include a lot of raw fruits & vegetables, lean proteins and nuts in you diet. Although, you might be taking a perfectly balanced diet, having multivitamin & mineral supplements adds to your well being and the total health.

Watch for some things: In order to take care of their fitness, men over 40 must check on their weight. Make sure that you do not gain much. Also if you go for peeing too many times in the night, this calls for a medical check up. Avoid smoking and limit your alcohol intake.

Exercises:There are several weight training routines that you can look up to. These include the following:

· Back squats
· Power snatch
· Sit ups
· Chest press
· Leg curls
· Bicep curls
· Lower back extension
· Leg presses

Consider the following tips when it comes to weight training for men fitness over 40.

· Do not make them too hard for your self. You might start with the moderate intensity exercises and shift to the high intensity slowly.

· You must exercise 30 minutes daily I case you are doing moderate ones. For the high intensity ones, you may only workout 3 times in a week.

· Instead of doing the wrong exercises seek for some guidance from the professional trainers.

· Consistency is very important. You pick up any exercises or diet, you must do it properly and consistently.