Hyper Effective Workout Advice (Chest Exercise for Men)

Ask any woman and they will not hesitate to tell you a man’s most attractive physical feature is a highly developed chest. So it is no surprise that men fervently search for ways to workout their chest muscles in order to develop them into pecs all women will love and other men will envy.

If you have been searching for hyper effective workout advice for male chest exercises, you have finally found the right article.

chestChest Exercises

Out of all of the chest exercises created for the male’s pectoral muscle in mind, the bench press is arguably the most highly effective one. Bench presses can do many things for your chest, such as bring you the benefit of ripped pecs and increase the back arm muscle strength. If you want to take your bench pressing workouts to a whole new level, try alternating the way you space your hands.

Parallel bar dips will be the next chest exercise you should move to once you have slightly built up your pecs. When you do dips on the parallel bar, you will be adding great definition to your chest. Although parallel dips have a higher level of difficulty than bench presses, the reward is worth the extra effort. If huge pecs are what you are after, dips are what you must do.

The last exercise technique is called the dumbbell incline bench press. This exercise is the key to adding muscle mass to your upper chest, which will in turn give your pecs an overall thick look.

Exercise Tips to Remember

Even though the above chest exercises are hyper effective, it is still crucial to switch up your routines as well as increase your intensity at regular intervals in order to build your chest muscles quickly and efficiently.

Also, it is more important to be slow and controlled with your repetitions as shooting for a high amount of reps to complete or the heaviness of the weights you lift.

Always keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle in comparison to the floor as well as lined up with your barbell, and your arms should remain parallel with your bar. This form is vital to the proper building of pectoral muscles. If your elbows are bending towards your side, like many others make the mistake of doing, you will gain muscle mass in your triceps and shoulders instead of your chest.

Nutrition is Key

Your nutritional intake goes hand in hand with your chest exercises. Loading up on lean protein is ideal for building muscle mass.

Of course, your caloric intake plays a big role in the increasing of muscles too. The general rule is to take in a minimum of 1,000 more calories than your Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR. Your BMR is the calories your body burns daily while at rest and this number can be calculated through various tools on the internet. There is no mistake about it; a high caloric intake is not optional for those seeking to build their chest muscles quickly and effectively.