Uses of the Stability Ball

The stability ball dates back to around 1960 when the Italian toy maker Aquilino Cosani designed and sold the ball mainly in Europe and it was known as the Gymnastik Ball. It wasn’t until about 1980 that the exercise ball made its way to North America being used for clinical rehabilitation.

The stability ball has been called by a variety of other common names such as Exercise Ball, Swiss Ball, Balance Ball, Fitness Ball, Physio Ball etc.

stability ball

Proper ball size is determined by the user’s height. When seated on the ball, your hips and knees should be close to parallel with the floor. The following is a size chart to help you determine which ball size is recommended for your height.

  • 55cm – inflates to 21 inches high – 5’to 5’7″
  • 65cm – inflates to 25 inches high – 5’8″ to 6’3″
  • 75cm – inflates to 29 inches high -Taller than 6’3″

Using a stability ball is great for many things. It can strengthen the back muscles, the core and abdominal muscles. If you are working out to achieve great abs, this ball can definitely target the abdominal areas.

Some easy to start exercises on the stability ball are sit-ups and crunches. These exercises will help you to use more muscles than by doing them on the floor. When using the ball for other exercises, such as holding the ball in front of you on the ground, and doing leg lifts, you want to make sure you have balance and use a focal point.

Always remember to breathe and never hold your breath.

Sitting on the ball at any time, instead of in a chair, will give your body and core muscles a good workout. This will also help improve your posture and balance. By sitting straight up on the ball, this will take the pressure off of your back. The stability ball works the “foundation” or trunk in almost every exercise, whether it is a targeted activity for upper body, lower body, or specifically for the abdominal and low back. Your body can be easily positioned on the ball to go through a greater range of motion. Allows you to be comfortable “off ” the floor for many exercises.

Because the ball is a little unstable and you must constantly adjust to remain balanced, use of the stability ball improves the functional strength, balance and flexibility of the body. Using free weights with the ball as a bench is great for all those stabilizer muscles.

Stability balls make great additions to anyone’s home. They can easily be used at the office or even deflate them and take them with you on vacation. No matter if they are used for strengthening the abdomens, flexibility, or balancing, the list goes on. The stability ball has become very popular, very easy to use and a must have for exercising.