3 Vital Steps to Take When Starting a Fitness Program

If you have decided to eat healthier and start a workout program to lose weight there are 3 vital steps you must take in order to be successful. If you do not take these steps you will set yourself up for serious trouble in the future.

Most people start with good intentions to start a fitness program but life happens and their well intended quest for health and fitness gets sidetracked once again. If you want this to be the start of a great journey to health and fitness then these three steps are vital.


The three steps that lead to a successful start to a good fitness program are important, so that you can stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals. They are first to Decide, then to Commit and finally have Support.

1. Decide

Most people think just saying “I’m gonna start working out again” is enough to start a successful workout routine, but it’s not. If it were that easy we wouldn’t have the obesity problem that we have today. You have to first establish your “Why” for beginning your workout routine. “Why” have you decided this time to start working out. You need to come up with enough reasons so that when life happens and you feel you don’t have time or you don’t feel like working out, you have something to fall back on to keep you going. For example my “Why” to finally start my fitness journey was when I was put on high cholesterol medication by my doctor, a problem with sleep apnea and I was getting older. What is your “Why”? The more “Why’s” you have the greater the chances that your weight loss will last and your fitness journey with be a successful and lasting one.

2. Commit

Now that you have the motivation and reasons to get healthy and fit you must now “Commit” to a fitness plan. The key word being “Plan”. To lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle you have to be consistent. If you are just flying by the seat of your pants and don’t have a plan of attack you will not be able to maintain your good results. Have a knowledgeable person design a program for you or invest in a good DVD/Online workout program. There are many choices of DVD workouts available and you can do the program over and over again. Just make sure you find a DVD/Online fitness program you like and that you can grow with.

3. Support

The most vital step of all three steps is to have a good support base. Family, friends and group of people. Whatever you do you want the support to provide motivation, accountability, and comradery. All of these things are important when you get discouraged and want to quit your workout program. It has been proven that people with a foundation of support have greater success when participating in health and fitness programs. This is why Weight Watchers is such a popular option. So find yourself a person or group of people with like minded goals and commit to support each other to meet each others goals.

There you go, 3 vital steps to take when starting a fitness program. By following these 3 steps you will give yourself a better chance at completing your program and seeing great success. When things start to look bleak and you want to quit your exercise routine, remind yourself of these 3 steps to keep you on track.