How to Increase Your Muscular Endurance

Most people do not have very high muscular endurance. This is the ability to keep your muscles going over long periods of time without getting too tired. For many, it’s not something that is ever attained as it’s not trained hard for at all. Find out what you can do to improve this in your body.

You have to train with endurance and really push yourself for you to ever get to these types of fitness levels. There is nothing wrong with normal routines for overall health or weight loss, but endurance routines will be pushing you each time that you do the workouts. Do a little more each workout to push yourself a bit further.


You can train this type of endurance through cardio workouts. These would be things like jogging, ellipticals, cycling, jumping rope, or other forms of cardio. You need to be doing these multiple days a week for best results. Each time you workout push for a little more distance in less time. You want to go further faster. The best way to train for this is through high interval training. This means that you have periods of very high intensity that you are going all out mixed with intermediate intensity where you are taking more of a break.

You can also train this endurance through weight lifting as well. When you want to build endurance, you are going to use lighter weights. The reason is that you are going to push yourself until you can’t do another repetition at all. This is best done with lighter weights as opposed to heavy ones that you can’t lift that much of at all.

You can also focus on the foods that you are eating especially before needing your endurance. Get in food into your body like carbohydrates to help fuel your body and give you a bit extra energy that can turn into more endurance.