Muscular Endurance Training

Increase you stamina with muscular endurance training, short bursts of exercise and the long tedious endurance are both beneficial to the heart, don’t think the endurance training is only for marathon athletes simply playing football , swimming or cycling is classed as endurance training.

It has been found that a person who cycles stationary at a moderate intense speed for 40-60 minutes 3 days a week or 6 sets of shorter busts at 30-40 seconds allowing a recovery period of 4 minutes improves the arteries function and helps prevents the risk of disease, this builds up your stamina without this any exercise over a long period of time will be difficult with the lack of endurance.

endurance training

Aerobic endurance with this training the body is pushed to meet the intake of oxygen and fuel, as the body will only cope without oxygen for a short period of time that’s why endurance exercises are important as it helps produce energy for the body, which in turn improves the cardiovascular system and helps the blood flow and oxygen to circulate around your body.

With the modern sports of today stamina has become more recognized that’s why it is very important to engage in endurance training especially for sports like football, swimming or basketball where you are involved in short bursts of endurance over a long period in a game or race, but like any exercise only push yourself to what you body can cope with as you do not want to cause injury to your body, also remember to couple your training with the proper nutrition for your body to sustain any type of endurance training.