Ab Workouts – Muscular Strength vs Muscular Endurance

Muscular strength is different from muscular endurance when it comes to ab workouts. Both types are very good at helping people lead a healthy, fit lifestyle and keep the body strong. However, if you want ripped abs, your best choice would be muscular strength training. You will get faster results!

People often have an ideal image of how they want to look, which determines what type of exercise program they should follow. If looking lean and muscular is your goal, then going for a long run will not be effective.


Muscular endurance activities will condition your body to perform well for that activity. The long, low intensity activity will require your muscles to be light, lean and sleek to be able to last for long distances or durations.

Muscular strength training is very effective at increasing the body’s metabolism. The increased size of the muscles causes the body to work harder to supply energy to the bigger muscles, which results in more calories burned and greater fat burning.

The increased muscular activity burns the food that we eat and when the body needs more fuel, it will use the excess body fat and burn that. When the body starts burning more fat, the abdominal area of our body will begin to show the underlying abs and give us more ab definition.

Resistance training with heavy weights and low repetitions forces the muscles to hypertrophy and increase its overall muscle activity. The increased intensity of the activity will cause a buildup of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Once the muscles slow down its intensity, the body will then deliver more oxygen to the muscles, to help replenish and remove waste products.

When the exercise intensity slows down or stops, the body will then continue to send oxygen to the muscles to remove waste and replenish the muscles to prepare for the next bout of exercise or activity. What also ends up happening is the body continues to replenish and repair the muscles, well after the exercise session and the body ends up burning fat throughout the day and night.

Having muscular endurance is good for general health and fitness. But if you want killer abs, you need to train for muscular strength. Training for strength will turn your body into a fat burning machine that will get you the rock hard abs that you’ve dreamed of.