Should Seniors Exercise and What are the Benefits?

As we grow older our bodies go through various changes. One of the best ways to ensure the health and fitness is to practice safe senior exercise in our retirement years. Many doctors will often prescribe a regime of exercises that are safe and effective. However, due to the fact that many seniors are dealing with different degrees of various illnesses and health concerns, every senior exercise routine should be tailored to meet each individual’s health needs.

It is best to choose simple forms of senior exercise if you haven’t been steadily training or exercising in your former years. Always consult with your physician before embarking on a new method of exercise. However, once you receive your physician’s OK; you should feel confident in beginning your routine.

senior exercise

A great way to learn a new workout is to use a senior exercise video or DVD. Aerobics is a wonderful workout and it keeps the heart healthy and strong. If your doctor has given you a target heart rate to maintain, then consider choosing an aerobic senior exercise workout video.

For those who suffer with painful arthritis, senior exercise may be prescribed as a form of therapy. You can find special arthritis based workouts that will slowly help you move and restore flexibility to your joints. Continuing to exercise is one of the most beneficial tools that you have to fight off the painful stiffness of arthritis.

Some seniors have limited mobility and there are many seated exercises that you can still perform. Choosing a video or DVD that will instruct you in these exercises is a great way to keep flexible and healthy. Many seniors choose to perform yoga for its stretching and toning benefits. This gentle form of exercise will help keep the spine flexible and supple.

One of the most effective forms of senior exercise available today is good old-fashioned walking. Walking can help keep the hips strong and flexible, keep the legs toned, and improve circulation throughout the entire body. Try walking whenever possible to receive these life saving benefits. You can avoid many sicknesses and illnesses just by increasing circulation and keeping the body in a lifestyle of motion.

Many active seniors prefer to exercise through hobbies such as dancing and swimming. Most senior communities will include a health club, fitness room, swimming pool, and offer dance lessons. Weight training is also beneficial in senior years, and research is showing that a weight-training regime can help prevent bone loss in seniors.

By participating in the exercise programs offered in your senior community you are taking the best course of action to maintain your level of health, as well as to improve your current state of health. Whether it is swimming, dancing, weight training, yoga, playing golf or simply walking exercise is the key to enjoying your retirement years and limiting painful conditions.

Always follow your physician’s advice and consult with him or her before starting any new exercise routines. By living a lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, plenty of rest, and a reduction of stress, you can be sure that you are taking vital steps to ensure your health.