Pregnancy Woes and How to Avoid Them

Anticipating the birth of a new baby makes pregnancy an exciting time for most women. It can however also be a time when a woman must potentially deal with a variety of unpleasant conditions that may accompany a normal, healthy pregnancy.

While it is impossible to prevent them from occurring, there are ways that a woman can reduce them and control them so she can continue with her life with minimal disruption.


A normal pregnancy lasts 9 months and each 3-month period is known as a trimester. Different conditions are common with each trimester and the symptoms associated with each trimester often subside as the next trimester period begins. Learning how to overcome those pregnancy woes will help pregnant women feel more in control of their symptoms and enjoy their pregnancy.

First Trimester Symptoms (0-3 months)

Feeling excited about being pregnant is often mixed with needing to deal with nausea and vomiting and a feeling of extreme tiredness. The early pregnancy hormones cause these symptoms and while them can’t be prevented; there are some simple safe ways of minimizing them.

  • Eat small meals regularly to prevent a low blood sugar level.
  • Discuss drinking ginger tea with your doctor.
  • Avoid smells and foods that increase the nausea.
  • Rest regularly and where include an afternoon sleep.

Second Trimester Symptoms (3-6 months)

Nausea and vomiting usually subside during this semester and the chronic tiredness is usually replaced by a feeling of wellbeing and health. As the trimester continues and the uterus starts to enlarge, some women complain of nasal congestion, stretch marks, dizziness increased need to pass urine and constipation. Same ways to control these symptoms include:

  • Increase dietary fiber and continue to drink plenty of water.
  • Change position slowly and keep blood sugars stable by eating regularly.
  • Discuss laxatives with a doctor before they are used.
  • Use Vitamin E cream on stretch marks.

Third Trimester Symptoms (6-9 months)

The final months of pregnancy, may create back pain, general discomfort and fluid retention. These symptoms can be controlled by:

  • Wear low shoes and if necessary support stockings with a doctors approval.
  • Maintain fluid intake even with fluid retention and frequent need to go to the toilet.
  • Rest where possible. Lie on side not back
  • Hot showers can reduce discomfort.
  • Gentle exercise.