Life Coaching Tips For Better Sleep

Are you someone who finds it very difficult to fall asleep at night? Then you need not worry as you are not the only one, for there are millions of such people who suffer from sleep deprivation. Life coaches believe that for an individual to function properly in life, it is essential to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

However, this may seem easier said than done for many. Sleep problems are caused by many factors, most of which are related to our habits and schedules and therefore the simplest solution for better sleep is to change those habits or schedules that cause the problem.


Here are some important tips to ensure better sleep that from a life coach:

1. Inculcating better habits during the day

Sleep deprivation is largely caused due to unhealthy habits being followed during the day. Life coaching experts believe that if you follow certain practical advice during the day, then it is possible to get better sleep in the night. These include exercising regularly during the day as this helps promote better sleep. Moreover, where possible it is better to avoid napping towards the end of the day as this can disrupt the body’s sleeping pattern. Apart from this, certain changes in lifestyle such as reducing the amount of alcohol or caffeine consumed during the day will help promote better sleep at night.

2. Creating a conducive atmosphere for sleeping

Factors in your bedroom, such as the bed size, its quality, size of the room, ambiance in the room, can affect your sleep ability and quality. By making certain minor changes in your room, life coaches believe that it is possible to create an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep. Your bed should be large enough to hold you completely as well as comfortable enough to lull you into a calm sleep. Similarly, the noise levels in the room, if kept low can also help in better sleep. Proper ventilation and darkening of the room also helps. Lastly, many people tend to watch television while in bed, which could lead to a disruption in their quality of sleep.

3. Prepare well for sleeping

Maintaining a proper schedule is advantageous in all aspects of life, be it your career or even your sleeping pattern. Life coaches suggest that those people who maintain regular times for sleeping and waking up are more inclined towards better sleep, than those who follow irregular patterns. Setting a bedtime routine is another simple way to ensure better sleep. Similarly, they also opine that it is best to avoid foods that disrupt your sleep, especially when you are nearing bedtime. Doing some yoga or meditating or listening to some soft music or reading or even having a bath before bed, all help in relaxing the body and induce sleep.

4. Avoid worries and tensions before sleeping

The human mind is filled with worries and stresses about the future, this could be career related, relationship issues and so on. This constant worry leads to lack of sleep. Business coaches suggest that instilling feelings of confidence can actually help overcome such worries. Self confidence will lead to taking action which gives people a sense of being more in control and eventually leads to achievement, which in turn can help to diminish worries. Many life coaches suggest that for better sleep it is important to stop worrying and start taking charge of your life.

5. Awakening in between and getting back to sleep

There are many people who have a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and then have difficulty going back to bed. If this happens, then it is best to stay calm and focused; if possible, going back to bed and using some relaxing techniques will help soothe your body and make it relax. Most people watch television during such times, without realizing that they are actually causing more harm than doing good; it is advisable to avoid such activities, which will cause the mind to become more active than relaxed.

Following the above mentioned techniques on a regular basis, it is possible to induce sleep and ensure proper rest. With better sleep, people tend to find they feel better, are more energized and focused and are able to achieve more with less effort in their day. Although we cannot always have a proper night’s sleep, it is worth making an effort as often as possible to have a very good night’s sleep.