Fall Into Fitness and Lose Your Tummy

Fall is a wonderful time to curl up with a good book or to sip some cocoa on a rainy night but don’t forget about your fitness resolution to lose your tummy. New moms need to remember as the seasons change so does our eating habits.

These Four Fall Fitness tips will help you lose the pregnancy weight fast!


1. Trick or Treat 

When summer turns to fall our local fruit and vegetable selection become sparse. The harvest calendar brings to the table sweet potatoes and other starchy veggies keeping us properly fed during the winter. Instead of piling on the mash potatoes due to the lack of fresh garden salads try some soups! The trick with Turkey Noodle, Minestrone or any hearty soup is that they contain all the nutrients, proteins and fats we need in one warm meal. Cook a big pot at the start of the week and enjoy the treat of a quick and healthy fall dinner that helps with losing your tummy.

2. Watch Television

Everyone loves getting back into the swing of things and its no surprise TV networks start their new series when fall comes around. Instead of eating potato chips on the couch during your favorite sitcom try exercising! Pick a few nights of the week and organize a floor routine around your shows. Sit-ups, crunches, stretches and even a few free weight exercises will fill up that 30-minute TV time slot and you’ll be rewarding yourself while still working hard to lose your tummy.

3. Seasonal Sports

Lose your tummy by embracing the sports that come along with the fantastic fall season. Ice hockey, Skiing, and Snow shoeing are just some of the outdoor activities that give you a great cardio workout while still being fun. Even just going for a hike among all the changing leaves can be breath taking and you’ll be losing pregnancy weight while having fun.

4. Start a class

The Fall season is famous for the back to school rush, but children and teenagers aren’t the only ones filling up classrooms. Lots of community centers have plenty of fitness classes starting up before Christmas. Taking a yoga class once a week for stress release or a Dance Hip Hop class for coordination and cardio will help lose your tummy. Also there are classes for new moms who want to bring their babies along with them.

With Halloween candy and Gingerbread houses just around the corner at Christmas, try and stick to your healthy eating guns. Remember to eat in moderation and allow yourself a treat day once a week where you won’t feel guilty. Lose your tummy with these tips the easy way and no matter what you decide to do this fall, make sure you don’t fall off the fitness wagon.