Holiday Dieting

The Holiday are fast approaching. When the Holiday’s arrive this time of year, so do the celebrations, parties, and all the food you can imagine.

Trying to eat and stay healthy during these times can be tough on everyone, so follow these little tips when pulling up to the table.


Tip #1: Stay Focused

It is easy to lose focus of your goals and of your fitness when you are in front of all the incredible food and drinks around this time of year. But don’t cave in, keep focused. Don’t be tempted by what is in front of you; dig down and maintain your composure. Don’t let go and go crazy over food. Your goals are not worth losing over these few weeks during the year. Keep your focus and you will remain on target to reach your fitness goals during these times.

Tip #2: Recipes

When possible alter the recipes of your favorite foods so they will be a little healthier for you. This may be substituting certain ingredients for others that are lower in calories or less grams of fat. Most of these substitutes taste very close to the real thing and no one will ever know unless you tell them that you made the switch. So when you are making your favorite dish, keep this in mind. Choose the alternatives when you can to help cut back on the fat and calories.

Tip #3: Portion Sizes

Now if you noticed I haven’t said don’t eat this or don’t eat that. It isn’t all the time that you get to eat certain foods that are associated with the Holiday’s. Here’s the thing though; you don’t have to get crazy and eat a whole ham or something like that to enjoy the food. If you have small portions you can enjoy some of the treats of the season. If you love to eat a certain pie, then have a really small portion, not the whole pie. If you really like something else, have a small portion. People don’t have to go overboard and eat more than they normally would just because it is the Holiday’s. You see it at every gathering, those people who stuff themselves into a food coma with their pants unbuttoned to feel comfortable. That shouldn’t be you. You can indulge in the tastes of the season with small portions to satisfy your desires.

Tip #4: Drinks

Keep the drinks to a minimum. Alcohol; meaning beer, wine, mixed drinks, and liquor are high in wasted, unwanted calories. Plus, if will have to add in the calories you drink when adding soda or juices. The calories that people waste on alcohol can add up very quickly. This does not help your waistline. Also watch the different juices, teas, and cider drinks that a lot of people serve. There could be hidden calories in these that are not satisfying you the way you would like your calories to do. Save your calories for maybe one of those tasty teats you have had your eye on. There are plenty of other drinks available. Water is probably the best choice to keeping the calories low and fulfilling your need.

Tip #5: Get Moving

Getting moving during the Holiday’s can be a little difficult. You have to make time to get your workout in and remain active. Don’t use time as an excuse; you have the time, just get going. You can split up your routine into different segments if you don’t have your normal block of time available. You can get a lot done in a 10-15 minute power workout. It doesn’t have to be long periods of time. Make the time for yourself. You will feel better about yourself. Get moving!

As the Holiday seasons creep up on us, use these tips to help guide you through the season. This is only a short time throughout the year; don’t blow your goals during these times. Keep these tips in mind when you are heading to your favorite Holiday destination to celebrate good times with family and friends.