Top Personal Training Tips

We live in a society that is suffering an obesity epidemic. Despite this statistic it is interesting to find that we continue to spend more money on gym memberships, fitness equipment and fitness dvd’s! So where are we all going wrong?

The first answer lies in the quantities of food we now consume. Portion sizes have increased dramatically over the last 10 years and we now consume far more saturated fat, salt and sugar than our predecessors. So our focus should be on making sustainable changes to our diets that will help us to see results without having to count calories or starve ourselves.exercise

Most of these changes are simple and involve cutting down on refined sugary foods, alcohol, and white processed flour. These changes can make such a world of difference to how you feel and to your waistline.

The second area where most people are going wrong is that they are not exercising correctly for their bodies. This may sound like an odd thing to say, but just having a gym membership is simply not enough. You must exercise in a way that will bring you results. This means working out at the correct intensity and finding exercises that will help you to see the best results for your investment of time. Studies show that most of us only spend an average of 45 minutes in the gym for each workout. This is not a great deal of time, so we must make the time we invest exercising really count.

Many people in gyms often do exercises that are either unproductive and just a waste of their time. Instead we should focus on compound exercises. These recruit the maximum number of muscles fibers and will not only burn more calories but will create a greater ‘after-burn’ enabling your body to carry on burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

Compound exercise include dead lifts and squats to name a few and can be performed by anyone regardless of fitness or strength. We should also make sure we pay close attention to correct form. This means ensuring that the exercise is being performed properly and with close attention to detail. By concentrating on super-slow protocol, a heavy weight isn’t even necessary.

The final factor is motivation with a capital ‘M.’ We’ve all been there, right? We start of with great enthusiasm to join a gym and we even attend for at least a few weeks and then something always happens to throw us a curved ball and we seem to lose the interest to keep attending. This is where motivation comes into it. Think of any supreme athlete. They have desire and motivation and this is why they remain so dedicated to their training.

These tips will help you to change the way that you body looks and with the right support from a personal trainer you can expect to see transformations quickly and safely.