Personal Training Tips For Best Health and Fitness

We all would like to be more fit and healthy, but at times it seems a difficult task. Trust, we at Wonderfully Fit, understand that better than anyone. So we compiled a quick list on tips to help you along the way.

15 Tips to help you reach you goal of better Health and Fitness


  1. GOAL FOCUS – Have AND maintain a vision of what you want to achieve.

  2. WARM-UP – Always warm-up (with moderate exercise) before you go into intense efforts/exercise

  3. STRETCH – It is a good idea to stretch as you go. After warm-up, between sets and after exercise (give extra attention to tight muscles)

  4. CHECKS – There are two things you should check before you begin any exercise. 1st – you have the correct weight, 2nd= you have the correct seating adjustments and posture.

  5. USE PROPER TECHNIQUE – Maintain technique and control at all times!Proper technique will save injury and yield better results!

  6. BREATHE – Breathe out as you lift and in as you lower the weight. Keep your movements in rhythm with your breathing.

  7. BE CONSISTENT – “The hallmarks of successful training are long term consistency and progression!” Fred Hatfield

  8. MAKE TIME – There are 168 hours in a week – all you need is 3 or 4! There is always enough time for your priorities!

  9. EAT RIGHT – Nutrition is a major key to great health and fitness. “We should eat to live not live to eat!” Socrates

  10. BE DISCIPLINED – “There will often be times when you don’t feel like a workout! Rarely times you regret having had one!” Ryan Fraser

  11. ASK FOR HELP – Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. We want to help.

  12. KEEP A RECORD – Track your success! You will progress better if you know what your progress is. Write it down.

  13. TRAIN PROGRESSIVELY – Through gradual and constant progress in your training – Your body must change to meet the new demands on it!

  14. VARY YOUR WORKOUTS – Your body will adapt to a routine. See your trainer regularly for new exercises and routines to ensure progression!

  15. HAVE FUN!!! – Enjoy your workouts by challenging yourself! Realize the awesome benefits that increased health and fitness has in all areas of your life! “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!”