The Benefits of an Effective Strength Program For Older Adults

If you know me then you are know my stance on strength training, fitness training, and exercise. I am going to completely reinforce my opinion on the importance of training and exercise in this article. I will never stop pushing, not now, not ever. If you are an elderly person then it is even more important for you to read my advice and what I am about to say in this article.

To start off, age is a number. I completely understand the physiological details of “getting older” are not something any of us can avoid. There are all types of diseases, illnesses, disorders and ailments that stem from the aging process. Fortunately these things can be slowed and sometimes even reversed with proper exercise.

strength training

If you are an older adult and beginning to feel the effects of aging start to advance then you need to begin strength training. Strength training for elderly people is very UNDER-RATED! As you get older your mission should be to put medical professionals out of business because you are so healthy and fit.

Men and woman alike can benefit tremendously from strength training. This type of exercise has been known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase bone density, muscle mass and flexibility, and create better balance and stability in your body. Of course these are only a few examples of the benefit you will derive from a proper and effective exercise program.

Are you ready for a wheel chair, becoming bedridden or feel pain all the time? I am not sure about you but I want to live to 75 years of age feeling like I am 25, rather than live to be 100 but feel 200 years old. I know we only get one body and one chance at life so we should live it to its fullest.

There are so many issues with today’s healthcare system. And with the constant worry over rising cost of medicines and care, I believe the best solution is to eliminate the need for a healthcare system. Effective strength training and a person program design specifically to make you sweat is the answer.