How to Transition to a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet

Anytime you are changing the way you eat on a daily basis, you must be realistic about your approach. You cannot expect to stop eating all the foods that you enjoy cold turkey as that will do nothing but add more weight on your body once you crash from the emotional withdrawal of it all.

How to transition to a whole foods, plant based diet is not as challenging as it may seem at first, it will simply require some focus and will power for the first few days.

plant based

A plant based diet is obviously one that does not permit cupcakes or your morning doughnut. You will be encouraged to eat foods that are natural and organic is the best option to go when trying a plant based diet. You will need to purchase all your foods for the weeks ahead so you have plenty of options when you are looking for a snack.

This will also discourage you from losing sight of your diet and cheating by grabbing the first thing you see in your pantry. Make sure you clean out all of the foods that are currently in your home or office that are not on your plant based diet and replace them with healthier snacking choices as well.

You always want to create meals for your plant based diet that are rich in antioxidants. You have to get a book or follow a plan on the web that you can access for free and get all the great tips and ideas for meals and snacks to help guide you through the process. Also there are a few more tricks to help you transition into a plant based diet and the most important one is to prepare your mind first.

Mental awareness of what is to come is vital when planning a big life change such as changing the entire way you will be eating. You must realize that in fact what you eat should only be a matter of providing your body with enough energy to get through all the activities you engage in all day. Food is not about the cheesecakes or pastas it is what you mentally need it for and all the foods that result in temptation to cheat off of your plant based diet are just to please your mind, as your body does not need all of those empty calories in it.

After you have eaten on the plant based diet for awhile you will notice your body will no longer crave those fatty foods any longer. Check out any cookbooks you can find that will provide additional recipes and snack ideas as well. A blender or food processor will also help in getting all the vegetables in that you will need. Experiment with different food textures and combinations until you find a few that you really like. Make your own juices and dishes with the fresh ingredients for your plant based diet success!