The Wonderful Benefits of Simple Exercise For Seniors

Then you should go for it. An active lifestyle is very beneficial. It help boost energy levels and can even help to reverse some of the problems of aging. It can improve your energy and strength. It doesn’t matter what your age, or illness, you will improve flexibility and balance by moving more.

Endorphins produced by being active will decrease depression and help you feel better. Plus it increases your self-confidence. Exercise will increase heart health, blood pressure, and bone density.


Your whole body will improve with regular exercise. It will reduce the problems of aging and will improve your strength and over-all well being.

It will help you lose weight. Exercise increases metabolism and burns calories to help you reach a healthy weight.

Getting active will improve your sleep patterns, by helping you to fall asleep easier and sleep sounder.

Your brain will have added benefits by helping to preventing memory loss and dementia.

Where to start? Start slow, build up your program a little at a time. Warm up, cool down and have water available all the time.

If something hurts, stop doing it. Exercise was not meant to be painful. Try something else.

One of the best and easiest cardio exercises to start with is walking. Make sure you are in a safe area, without a lot of traffic. Be aware of your surroundings. A very popular place is a local mall. I know some malls even open their doors early to accommodate the early walkers. Plus there is safety in numbers. Or find a walking partner. Set a time to meet that’s good for both of you. It doesn’t seem like a chore when someone else is there to talk to.

After you have gotten in the habit of walking four to five times a week for at least thirty minutes a day, it’s time to add some variety to your workout.

Swimming, hiking, cycling are a few more forms of cardio exercise that can be fun and a change of pace from walking.

Also check with the YMCA. They have many programs available for seniors. One that is available in Florida is Silver Sneakers. It features many different classes for seniors. Zumba, water aerobics, Yoga and Tai Chi are just a few.

Also if you live in a warm climate most senior housing complexes have pools available. Check your television. Some stations have an exercise channel.

Take advantage of what’s around you, and enjoy.