Stay Healthy With These 7 Quick Fitness Tips

Most people are occupied with their time going to their respective gyms to do different workouts and fitness exercises that will help them stay fit and healthy. There are varied reasons why a person is enrolling in a particular gym. There are individuals who would like to gain weight by building some muscles in their bodies, and there are also individuals who think that going regularly to the gyms will make them achieve their dream body.

However, regardless of the reason and the motivations that a person has, staying fit is a must for everyone. With the demanding lifestyle that one has, it is very important that he/she will stay active and healthy to be able to meet the demands of the tasks that he must do each day.


This article will show the 7 quick fitness tips that will help individuals who are currently enrolled in the gym and those who are planning to build muscles.

1. Avoid over-training

This is the common mistake that is done by the first timers in the gym. The mentality that your muscle will develop fast if you will do an overload workout is definitely wrong. However, every time your muscle will be used in an intense type of activity such as the workouts, your muscles are breaking down and are becoming muscle fibers. Because of this, they will need some time to be able to recover again and be ready for another session. What you should do is to focus or target a particular group of muscle for once or even twice a week. In this way, your muscles will have the adequate time for their growth.

2. Avoid the prolonged workout 

If you want to build up muscles, you should always think that quality is always much better than quantity. Whenever you will be engaged in a long and tiring workout, the level of the cortisol is actually rising. This will lead TO muscle damage and will hamper the growth of your muscles. Set your workout between 45 minutes up to an hour with the right amount of interval or rest between periods.

3. Grow muscles even if you sleep

Make sure that you will have at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night since it is very essential for the growth of your muscle. This resting period will allow your muscles to recover and grow new set of muscle fibers.

4. Avoid alcohol beverages

Alcohol has been proven from time and time again that could interfere with the ability of your body to generate and build muscles mass.

5. Make your fitness routine exciting

In order to prevent boredom with your fitness routine, make some changes every 6-8 weeks. It will not make your muscles adapt with the same workout that will restrict its growth.

6. Always challenge your muscles

Muscle growth is the response to the resistance of working against a heavy load or task. Therefore, it will be better if you will add and try to increase the load of your workout every session. This will involve your muscles at a tough challenge every time you will hit the gym.

7. Get plenty of proteins

This protein is called the building blocks for any human body. So it is really important that this will always be included in your regular diet.

However, if you do not have the budget to afford the required membership fee in the different gyms, there are still ways that you can do to make yourself fit. Below are the 7 quick exercise tips that you can do outside the gym.

1. Walk

Instead of staying inside your home and watching television, why not try walking around your neighborhood? Go to your friend’s house through walking, of course, and spend time there. Then after chatting with him, you must walk again back to your place.

2. Ride the bike

Just like the stationary bike you see in the gym, purchasing the real bike will be a good investment for you. It will not only help you save money since it does not need any fuel, it is also a great way of exercising every day whenever you will ride on it.

3. Outdoor activities

Whenever you are planning an outdoor picnic, be sure that you will bring with you a Frisbee, a ball, or a baseball bat. This will make your picnic and family get together more exciting and fun if you will play together.

4. Start outdoor project

You can plant a garden in your front yard and involving with it will surely make you sweat a lot.

5. Find your workout buddy

Having someone beside you with the same goal will make things easier for you. It is quite hard and lonely if you will be alone in losing weight, but if you will have someone to accompany you, things will be lot happier. You will also be motivated and challenged if your partner is also serious in staying fit.

6. The fitness vacation

Whenever vacation is referred to, most of would think enjoying tropical foods, sitting beside the pool, drinking, and partying all night. However, a fitness vacation is very much different from what you are thinking of. In this vacation, include different activities that will require you to stay active.

7. Ask the professionals

Being motivated would not be enough to make you succeed if you do not have the knowledge of what you are doing. It is essential that you know what to do and you know the direction that you should follow. This is where the importance of hiring a personal trainer or a fitness instructor that will guide and provide you the important information you should know comes in.