10 minute workout tips

The Most Important Workout Tip

Out of the thousands of workout advice available, there is one very important tip that is crucial and is the foundation of achieving a great workout along with a healthy balanced body.
There are many many things that have to happen in order to get the most effective results out of your workout, but there’s only one that needs the most attention.

Think about this question for a moment. Out of these three things that our body needs for survival, which is the most important; food, water, or oxygen? That’s right, you guessed it…the most important workout tip to really master and focus on is BREATHING.


Sometime in your life I’m sure you’ve heard of this quote, “You can live a few weeks without food and even a few days without water but if you lack oxygen your body dies in minutes.”.

The key factor to a great workout is learning how to master the technique of breathing. Any trainer will tell you, a good rule of thumb (with weight lifting) is to understand the easiest part of the movement and inhale on it while exhaling is done on the hardest part of the movement. As far as breathing while doing cardio, pay attention to your breathing pattern, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, work with your body to see what pattern feels right. this workout tip, if done properly can really increase your results significantly.

Improper breathing can make exercise may seem more difficult than it needs to and may not allow you to be taking in enough air to help ignite the burning of fat. Simply put, by bringing awareness to your breathing you will then find out for yourself what techniques work best during what exercise.

Breathing is so important because it deals with increasing your oxygen intake. You’ve heard the buzz, that oxygen is a key element in maintaining a healthy body. It helps to nourish the cells and therefore allowing your brain to function effectively with increased alertness.

With modern science and cutting edge technology, scientists and doctors have discovered very simple, safe, and effective ways to incorporate oxygen intake into the body. One breakthrough for example is oxygen in bottled water, however you need to learn the science to know which brand of water really works for that purpose.

Do your research to find out which solutions work other then just breathing and by combining all the different techniques you learn, you’ll be sure to have a highly productive workout with great results. Increase your oxygen and your body will thank you for it.! Don’t forget this important tip, it is the master key to an effective workout.