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Top 5 Tips For a Gluten-Free Diet

Coeliac is a serious condition that can change your life completely. It is lifelong and you if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with this disease, you would have to change your whole dieting plan including gluten-free foods. Very often newly diagnosed people are in shock and this is understandable but with a good, strict gluten-free diet you can turn this situation into something quite positive.

Here are some tips how you can become better in your diet.


Reading food labels when shopping

This tip should be for everyone but in this case we are pointing out the obvious for a gluten-free diet. Most products in the local shop are well written on the back and if a gluten containing substance was used – you will be able to spot it. You should be looking specifically for wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt and any other grain which may contain gluten.

Change your habits

Sounds easy on paper but it could be challenging. You should change all gluten-containing foods with gluten-free. If you are a die hard fan of pasta and bread – you can still enjoy them, you just need to switch to the gluten-free option.

Foods naturally gluten-free

Some of the most important and delicious foods are gluten-free naturally – too good to be true? No, it’s not. Fish, cheese, eggs, fruits, vegetables and even meat – you can safely eat them all.

Money worries

A lot of people are concerned that switching the eating habits from regular to gluten-free can be a hassle for our pockets. It is not necessarily true as more and more information (and books) are coming up online how we can adjust our shopping so that we can spend less and get more with gluten-free foods as well. Do your homework and do not go to the store without a plan how to save money while getting healthier. Education is the best investment, right?

Alcohol changes

Yes, it may affect your drinking nights as well. But you should not be discouraged, you just need to keep yourself informed again. The bad news is that beer is containing gluten but in some supermarkets you could still find gluten-free beer. If you like your alcohol you should start thinking more about wine, cider, sherry and liqueur. Just make sure to read each label when shopping and in time you will have the needed information and habits to have a long and happy gluten-free life.