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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips to Prevent Overindulgence

Ahh The holiday seasons. Good food,good drink,good friends and oh those parties. No matter what the holiday occasion this is the most difficult time to lose or maintain your weight.However this time of year doesn’t have to be an unhealthy time of year for you and yours.

Let’s discuss some tips to help keep the diet under control.


Go Healthy not Fatty

It is always tempting to over indulge during the holidays. Pizza, wings, roast beef, fried foods all call to us with their song of happiness. Instead of a trip down empty calorie road try instead the high fiber foods like oats, carrots, apples, whole grains and more. If you find yourself at the buffet table try sampling a little bit of everything in small portions. When it comes to desert select your favorite (not by trying everyone first) and then share it with someone. This is also a good way to break the ice at a party

Small and Many not Few and Large

Simply put try eating 5-6 small meals instead of three huge meals a day. A little bit several times a day will help you feel fuller and won’t weigh you down with that “stuffed, bloated feeling” that makes everyone feel sluggish. Another tip would be to have a light snack (say an apple with some peanut butter) before going to a holiday meal. This will help you feel full and provide healthy nutrients in case you falter at the party.

Exercise before, during and after the holidays

Keep that metabolism up. Brisk walks before and after a meal will do wonders for the digestion and your muscles. Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress which has been known to occur around the holidays.

Control the Alcohol Intake

Granted the most difficult to attain during the holidays, however even though the temptations increase during any holiday season try this instead.

Drink one perhaps two glasses of wine or dark beer at dinner. For non-alcoholic substitutes try grape juice or tea. These actually help relax you and contain powerful antioxidants which will help build up your immune system.

OK there you have it, Four tips to help you through the holidays. By following these guidelines you will enjoy a happier healthier holiday season.Don’t forget to tell your friends about these healthy holiday eating tips.