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Kinetic Bands – Use and Benefits

Kinetic bands add unique set of exercise to workout sessions. They help one to get leaner and stronger. They are mostly used by athletic trainers and also find application in the field of physiotherapy.

Runners use this type of resistance for improving their performance. They make thigh and knees stronger. There are some other benefits of using these bands.They improve agility as well as flexibility.

kinetic bands

Improves Flexibility and Agility

Kinetic bands like other resistance band exercises improve flexibility of the body. Exercising with these bands makes one more agile.

Better Balance and Stamina

Training with these equipment improves balance of the body. It also heightens stamina during intense athletic performance (not allowed in actual athletic events).

Leaner Body

Since they pose more difficulty to free movement of body, exercise is more intensive. It makes the body leaner and fitter. It also improves postures.


The biggest advantage of these bands over traditional equipment is cost effectiveness. They come at a cheap rate and buying a pair or two is not a problem. They are usually available in all sports and fitness equipment shops.

Easy to Use

The bands are easy to use and could be easily learned to use. Few sessions can make you an expert in band training.

Use It With Other Traditional Exercises

You can use band training with some other traditional exercises. This will add variety to existing set of exercise that you are doing.

Take Less Storage Space

Bands are small and take less space for storing. Machines and free weights take more storing space. They are so small that it can be accommodated in one’s pocket.


Some people are diligently committed to their training program. They do not wish to miss their regular exercise. A pair of resistance bands will give the opportunity to do your workout wherever you want. They are portable and are a good exercising companion while you are travelling.

Using the Bands

Many athletes use kinetic bands for training themselves. It is an effective tool for improving their performance. Sprinters and jumpers predominantly use them.

The bands are attached to both the legs above the knee. Make sure the strap is tight enough to avoid sliding. You must remember that they should not be worn in athletic events like matches and games.

Choose the Right Level of Resistance Bands

Bands come in varying levels of resistance and are coded with different colors to denote different levels of resistance. Young athletes (men as well as women) use lower level of bands for training themselves. Bands with medium level of resistance are used in athletic drills. Higher resistance is not recommended for normal people. Athletes who have gained enough strength with intense exercising use them for further improvement of their performance.

Kinetic bands make leg and hip stronger. They also improve cardio endurance of the body.