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Resistance Bands Aid In Building Muscle

Many people find resistance bands to be comfortable alternatives to heavy weights. This is because they are small, very easily handled and are compact. This is exactly why people question their ability to build muscle. They look weak and frail and so people often have doubts of their performance and its effects on the muscle.

Muscles will get stronger when they are trained with any item that makes them exceed their ability. Regardless of if the item is just a book or an elastic tube, the muscle gets strong if it is challenged and made to work hard.

resistance bands

The portability and inexpensive nature of resistance bands make them perfect options. Different muscles can be challenged at varying levels by the use of bands that come in different levels. The traditional dumbbells are heavy, occupy a lot of space and are not easily portable but the resistance tubes can just the opposite because they are everything the dumbbells are not.

Workouts done using a dumbbell can be done with resistance bands as well by just tweaking the exercise a little. In addition a lot of exercises are available to individuals using these bands. Dumbbells and resistance bands work the muscles in different ways. The bands create a recoil effect when they are stretched leading to storage of kinetic energy. This kind of negative energy works muscle perfectly both while going up and down. This effect is not produced when working with dumbbells.

The bands tighten as they are lengthened and so the load can feel much stronger. This creates a lot of tension which helps in challenging the muscles further. Resistance bands are very versatile and come in countless shapes and sizes. These also come with attachments for the door and handle sometimes. It is ideal to buy many bands with different loads if you intend to strength train. Talking to a representative at the store will help you decide on the type of band that will work for you. They are easily available in any fitness store. It is advisable to purchase a minimum of two loads to get an effective workout. You need to keep changing the pattern of workouts in order to test your muscle ability which ultimately leads to gaining strength. Fresh workouts can be formed by adding more repetitions and adding heavier loads.

Therefore it is clear that resistance bands are indeed a smoother and less expensive alternative to dumbbells without having to forgo the exercise benefits.