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Run In A New Year

As we enter a New Year, weight loss will be at the forefront of many people’s resolutions. And why not? It is very healthy to help keep away heart diseases and diabetes for many. It raises people’s confidence and thus increases self-esteem. Participating in a cardiovascular activity will also increase the shape in which one is, as well as lower blood pressure. The feeling of running is great!

After I have gone on a run, I have a tremendous feeling of confidence. Confidence I can carry onto my other activities I in which I want to participate. The juices are flowing, my energy is up: I can take on the world.


For the non-runner who is thinking of taking on running, that sounds very counter-intuitive, but running increases energy. You are not exhausted throughout the day. Healthy body, healthy mind. Why not go for a quick run in the morning to get your day off right?

Running is one of the most intense aerobic workouts in existence. Other than cross-country skiing, running does the most to improve one’s cardiovascular system through exercise. However, unlike cross-country skiing, one does not have to wait for a certain time of the year, at certain locations, and spend a certain amount of money to partake in running.

All one needs is drive, determination, and a pair of shoes (and even then, running barefoot is becoming more popular!). Depending upon a few variables, we burn around 130 calories per mile ran. That is an insanely high amount of calories burned! Now think: you run 3 miles in about half of an hour. You have burnt about 400 calories! Now that of how easy it could be to start running to lose weight!

The most important part of starting to run is to stay focused and believe you can. At first, it will not be tremendously easy, but soon you will learn to enjoy and look forward to your next run. Running requires mental toughness, and with the right plan and mentality everyone can succeed as a runner.