Weight Loss Advice

Why Exercise is So Important to Lose Weight

People all over the world are rising to a new dawn; albeit a less pleasant one. Fat people on the streets, and fat people behind the curtains, looking at fat mean people walking down the pavements, entering coffee shops. Imagine the scene.

Does it not create tremors; yet people all over the globe are keeping up with their intensely flat routine and moving towards the catastrophe of obesity.


It is not that they do not want a sound health for themselves. It is just that they do not want the fun element of their lives to be robbed away. Few exercise tips for weight loss make one live on the road which they desire for themselves;

No banishment from society, no prohibition on limited indulgence and no rigorous exercise regimen. – Those which we fondly call “back-breaking, belly shaking” regimens. Exercise tips for weight loss include many disciplines. Let’s take them up one by one.

When we exercise we send our brain a signal. We tell it that we are heating up the body. It responds by enhancing the metabolism. Metabolism thus increased, results in burning down calories. This burns all fat from the body. Many moderate exercises help us in burning down body fat.


Brisk walking, when done without drooping down shoulder, is a great way to burn fat. One must always emphasize on moving as much part of the body as possible. It is also important to take short strides while walking very briskly. This is a great exercise tip for weight loss as it entails a regimen which the entire world might find easiest to follow.

Cycling and swimming

Both these also help in shaping our muscle density. It can be done rigorously or even in a relaxed way. The end result should help in heating the body greatly there by allowing it to burn calorie


Cardiovascular exercises help us in releasing a lot of body fat, it can be done anytime, but it is advisable not to do it prior to weight training regimen as it then makes the body spent forces before ushering into weight training. Imagine a simple squatting exercise, practiced the Hindu way. It is a great exercise tip for weight loss.

Weight training regimen and strength training

These are the toughest of the lot, they are great weight burning measures, but at the same time need a lot of will- power and an absolute disregard for failure.