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5 Quick and Easy Diet Tips For Weight Loss That Never Change and Always Work

The diet tips for weight loss that never change are the ones that work, the challenge is that we are bombarded with tips and suggestions from every direction.

This article cuts through all the gimmicks and tricks and shares 5 quick and easy diet tips for weight loss that have stood the test of time and even adds one that will help you speed up your weight loss.

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1. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day.

Not very exciting I know but it works because it gives the body just what it needs so there is no need to create stored fat.

2. Eat your vegetables.

You heard it growing up and it is still a great lesson. Vegetables fill you up with fiber and they keep your digestive system functioning properly.

3. Protein with every meal.

This one might not be as familiar but it needs to be added because protein is often overlooked in this fast-paced “eat-on-the-go” society we live in. Protein is a good friend to the dieter because it digests slowly staying in your system longer and it also helps you keep your muscle mass which keeps your metabolism humming along.

4. Calories need to come from food, not drinks.

Drinks with calories provide little or no nutrient value yet they add a ton of calories.

5. Eat carbs early.

This tip is added to help you accelerate your weight loss. By finishing eating carbohydrates by lunchtime you do two things, first you allow the body to flush excess water that it is holding and second you remove the body’s quick energy source (carbs) and force it to burn body fat for energy.

When you are serious about losing weight you want to stick with diet tips for weight loss that have stood the test of time and work for everyone.