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Bodybuilding Workouts and Frequency

Bodybuilding workouts have the cure for all those unwanted pounds ills. Yes, if a person is desiring to get into tip-top shape, then a solid weight training workout will usually provide the impetus for losing excess flab as well as building and toning muscle.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is not exactly simple because there requires a significant amount of effort and discipline in order to make bodybuilding workouts effective. While most will equate effort and discipline with sticking to a specific program or weight training schedule, it also includes having the knowledge and ability to know when enough is enough.

Bodybuilding workouts

The reason for this is that whenever a person engaged in bodybuilding workouts, there is also a possibility present that the person will overtrain. That is, the frequency and intensity of the bodybuilding workouts are too strenuous and lead to injury and fatigue. This, of course, is not the way to get in shape. It is the way to developing a hatred for exercise that makes a person quick and never goes back.

What many novices do not realize is that the maximum benefit derived from bodybuilding workouts occurs during the recovery phase. In other words, the benefits derived from the work out occur when the training period has STOPPED. This may sound odd, but muscle does not grow during the workout itself. Muscle grows during the rest period following the workout. (This can run upwards of 48 hours after the workout)

In order to gain the best benefit from workouts, it is advisable that training is limited to three or four one hour sessions a week. If you feel the need to exercise more, add a couple of hours of light cardio, but do not increase the frequency of the heavyweight lifting or the results will be counterproductive. Follow this advice and your bodybuilding workouts will be most beneficial.