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How to Train Your Legs Without a Gym

Training from your own home has an immense number of benefits. Not only does this enable you to physical exercise in a background of your own creation but it also signifies that you no longer require to travel to the gym when you’re low on energy and you no longer require to feel self-conscious training in front of strangers. It also signifies you don’t require to wait for the squat rack to become free anymore!

But this provides us on to our next point. for the reason that in all likelihood… there possibly won’t be a squat rack. If you’re like many people with a residence gym, your equipment will consist of a couple of dumbbells and a pull-up bar.


And this is okay for the extensive majority of things you require to do. The trouble only arises once you wish to take off pushing beyond those fundamentals and take off building greater muscle. And in special, it comes when you try to create leg strength. for the reason that it’s much harder to train your legs with bodyweight or even with simple dumbbells. So let’s look at what you can do to solve this small challenge.

Using Dumbbells

First of all, don’t write dumbbells off entirely. These might be sufficient for building leg strength as long as you know how. Using heavy sufficient weights and executing shoulder presses, for example, you can make your squats quite complicated – even though you’re not going to be prepared to approach the weights you use for deadlifts or for squats. In all sincerely, the legs are composed of quite loads of slow twitch muscle fiber (we rely on them to get around all day after all) and this signifies that they respond well to training with lighter weights and higher volumes.

Using Bodyweight

Moreover, you can in addition train your legs with bodyweight if you know how to make things harder. executing one-legged squats, for example, is a good alternative to squat twice your bodyweight (effectively) and also needs a lot of balance and concentration. executing jump squats meanwhile challenges you to use explosive power.

If you then stack these exercises correctly so that fatigue the muscle, you can create a couple of quite punishing workouts.


The absolute thing to do though? spend on a kettlebell. This is the closest thing to having a barbell in your residence and specifically if you get one that is sufficiently heavy. That’s for the reason that you can utilize it to implement deadlifts, clean and presses, and even goblet squats. Depending on the weight, you may require a small help choosing it up – but a goblet squat can be markedly challenging for the legs just as a regular squat is (the only difference being that it places small more attention on the quads through the hamstrings).

Better yet, is to use the kettlebell to implement kettlebell swings – exercises that create your legs by permitting you to drive the weight up and forward by executing rapid squats and pushing byways of the floor. This is, in addition, brilliant for cardio and triggering an enormous anabolic hormone response!