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Why Aren’t You Seeing the Results You Want?

Many persons mistakenly believe that they want to have a notably complex training program with an elaborate list of vitamins and an iron will so as to get into shape. This is why people will invest so much cash on personal trainers, on gyms, on creatine, on a protein shake and on programs like ‘Insanity Workout’.

But that shouldn’t be true. In reality, as long as you restrict yourself to a relatively decent training program and you’re permanent, you should see results. although you are just doing a couple of press-ups every night, this should be sufficient to bring about a few positive changes in your body. can it be better? Sure. But it should be sufficient to do something. So if that’s what you’re doing and your training is genuinely consistent… why aren’t you seeing any results? Well, there’s a couple of reasons…

You’re Not Giving it Your All

The first and most probable cause here is that you aren’t giving your training sufficient effort. It’s not sufficient to easily go by means of the motions when you lift weights or implement CV; you require to truly push yourself and you require to work hard sufficient to feel the burn or the pump in your muscles and you require to feel the sweat forming on your body.

One enormous mistake you could be making then is leaving the TV on while you train! This can distract you from your physical exercise and prevent you from truly focussing on and engaging the muscles while you’re lifting or moving.

The Rest of Your Life is the Problem

If you’re training as difficult as you probably can and you just can’t seem to shift those last few pounds, then you might require to take a look at the rest of your training regime. What you’ll possibly find is that you aren’t as active the rest of the time as you may be.

We aren’t designed to be largely stationary 24 hours a day and then to physical exercise intensively for 30 minutes. If you truly want to be healthy and fit, then you have to be constantly resting or training. Take a look at your pattern then and see where you could fit in more walks, more runs or maybe an exercise class.

Your Hormones Are Getting in the Way

If you have the improper hormone profile, then your body will be prone to burning fat and muscle for energy as opposed to storing it. That produces you an ectomorph. Or maybe you’re somebody who stores fat very simply and can’t lose any weight.

This could be a cause of some sort of medical situation. Speak with your physician about the chance that you might be undergoing with low testosterone, hypothyroidism or polycystic ovaries.

Even if you aren’t clinically ‘unwell’, it may still be the case that you have low testosterone, low T4, or poor insulin sensitivity. Luckily, there are usually things you can do about this circumstance. One of the absolute options is to train more usually. Another is to consume more. repair your hormones and you’ll make training much easier.