Fat Burning Exercises

The Key to Efficient Fat Burning Exercise

When you follow a fat burning exercise routine, you need to have a way of eating that enables maximum fat burning to occur. When you exercise to lose fat, you will lose fat more slowly, if you don’t eat in a way that enables efficient fat burning to occur.

Do You Exercise First Thing In The Morning?

Many people do their chosen fat burning exercise regimen first thing in the morning. They wake, maybe brush their teeth, dress and then begin to exercise. If you do not eat something before beginning your exercise regimen, fat burning will be slow. It is possible that you will not burn fat at all.

Your blood sugar level will be in a normal range when you wake, despite the fact that you have not eaten overnight. When you begin to exercise without first eating something, your body will use the blood sugar that it has, as it first source of energy. This occurs during the first few minutes of your exercise regimen.

As you continue to exercise, you will deplete the blood sugar that is available in your body. When you finish your exercise routine, your blood sugar level will be down to a low level.

Why You Must Eat Something Before Morning Exercise

If you exercise in the morning without first eating something, your blood sugar level will be low, when you eat your first meal of the day. If you eat food when your blood sugar level is low, your blood sugar level will rise sharply. This causes a large amount of insulin to be produced by your body.

When a large amount of insulin is released into your blood after a meal, it causes the cells of your body to absorb the amount of blood sugar they need, to provide your body with the energy it needs. The excess of blood sugar, not needed by your body, is stored as fat on your body. This increases the amount of fat on your body, yet you are doing fat burning exercise to reduce the amount of fat on your body.

This happens even if you eat healthy food, that is low in fat, and in moderate quantity.

In addition, the excessive insulin in your blood inhibits the burning of fat, throughout the day, that has been previously stored on your body. Fat burning will not occur when there is a surplus of insulin in your blood.

Controlling the amount of Insulin that is produced by your body, is essential to an efficient fat burning exercise regimen.