Spring Dieting

How to Stay Healthy Over Spring Break

Spring break is here or just around the corner for individuals across the country. This may mean vacationing or simply enjoying some downtime in your hometown. During your break, you want to relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes this can include some unhealthy behavior; especially for those looking to lose weight.

From extra calories to lazy days relaxing by the pool, spring break can make it increasingly more difficult to stick with your weight loss plan. If you are planning a vacation or a stay-cation, think ahead. There are ways to stay healthy during spring break.

spring break

1. Never engage in yo-yo dieting thinking this is a way to stay healthy during spring break. Before a vacation or getaway, it is common to be slightly more conscious over the amount of food you are consuming. This especially holds true when beach attire is involved. Being especially conscious of the food you eat is fine, but you should avoid any form of a crash or yo-yo dieting. This can reduce your energy levels and you will be much more likely to overindulge while on vacation. Another thing to remember about crash diets is the second you stop the diet, the pounds will creep back very quickly as your metabolism works to adjust itself.

2. Avoid giving yourself a free pass on calories while on vacation; this can help you to stay healthy during spring break. As much as you don’t want them to count, calories still count while you are on vacation. While a burger and fries may sound like the perfect spring break meal, try to avoid the temptation. Do your body a favor by nourishing it with foods that are rich in vitamins and will give you plenty of energy to enjoy your vacation.

3. Don’t skip your workout just because you are on vacation. Pack your sneakers, a pair of shorts and a workout top. Remember to stay healthy during spring break, you cannot just lounge by the pool all day. Instead of just lounging swim some laps in the pool, go for a run on the boardwalk or enjoy a walk on the beach. You can still workout while enjoying the scenery that spring break has to offer.

4. Never skip a meal to stay healthy during spring break. Skipping meals will only make you more hungry and more likely to overindulge. Be sure to enjoy the local cuisine in moderation and make sure you are not hungry — hunger can put in you in a bad mood.

Try to avoid the late night snacking. With round-the-clock room service or a late night on the boardwalk, snacking can be tempting. It’s okay to treat yourself to something little, but don’t use this opportunity to have an entire late night meal.