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How to Exercise at an Old Age

Obviously, your body changes along with your age. Due to the physical changes like decreased muscle tone and decreased capacity to work aging individuals do not typically engage in regular exercise. But this is not a valid reason for you not to exercise as you age.

Exercise is needed by the body at an older age even more than it is needed when you’re younger. You still can do many of the things you did when you were young. The slight changes are that you have to perform lower intensity exercises. This is how to exercise at an old age.


Like everyone else, you will need to follow the basic steps of exercising. You will need to warm-up beforehand to decrease injury, such as sprains and strain on the muscles. You will also need to cool down after every session so that your body will not ache and pain will be decreased.

When learning how to exercise at an old age, you should remember not to do it too vigorously. Take it at a slow pace. You do not have to lift weights and perform exercises for a long time. You need to be more careful with the exercises you choose because your body can no longer endure what you used to endure when you were young.

Taking a long walk in the park with someone to keep you company is one way how to exercise at an old age. Walking can make your blood circulate and keep your heart pumping. Walking can be good for you if you have heart problems such as coronary artery disease.

You can also start dancing, ballroom dancing to be exact. Ballroom Dancing will make all your muscles move. After each dancing session, you will feel great about yourself and this feeling will make you want to become more active.

Another exercise to incorporate when thinking about how to exercise at an old age is to perform Tai Chi and yoga. Tai Chi and yoga are good for elderly people with arthritis, a disease accompanied by joint pain. The impact on your joints with this exercise is minimal. Tai Chi and yoga can also help in your breathing.

Climbing up and down the stairs a few times is a good exercise too. The advantages are like walking. But be sure that the stairs you climb have rails for you to hold on. Another important consideration when you choose to climb up and down the stairs is that you have not undergone any surgery recently – especially on any weight-bearing joints or any procedures which might affect your balance.

There are many advantages to exercise when you get older. One of these advantages is that you lower your glucose levels that can cause diabetes and lower your cholesterol level that causes hypertension. Exercise also seems to reduce the pain accompanied by arthritis. Another common problem for older people is constipation. With regular exercise, your gastric tract works properly to aid in elimination.

Of course, there are many considerations to ponder when you are looking into how to exercise at an old age. So consulting your physician can help. Of course, before beginning any exercise routine it is always a wise idea to consult with your doctor when you have heart problems, have had a heart attack or stroke, have renal problems, have undergone surgery and diabetes.