Summer Body Diet Tips

Your Summer Body Detox Menu

Summer is almost here and its time for a summer detox to get your body feeling great. Help your body clear waste, remove excess fluids and beat the heat by incorporating some delicious, detoxing foods into your summer diet. Here are some tips to get you started.

Fresh fruits and produce should be the basis of anybody detox program. Fresh fruits are full of antioxidants and natural vitamin water to keep you feeling fresh and light. Antioxidants are known to help the body fight cancers so you get that extra natural immune boost, too.

Fresh vegetables contain natural minerals and other compounds to help you get your nutritional boost without all the extra calories. Celery is one of the best to beat the heat with. It is an all-around body detoxifier that is high in Vitamin C and a compound called phthalides, which research shows help lower blood pressure and even reduces stress hormones. The natural balance of sodium and potassium also help regulate fluid balance and stimulate urine production, which helps your body eliminate excess fluids.

Speaking of sodium, avoid table salt and high sodium processed foods during your summer body detox. Unfortunately, most of our dietary salt comes not from healthy, balanced sources such as celery, but from processed foods because it is a cheap preservative as well as an appetite stimulate. And salt addiction is a real phenomenon that can drain energy, promote fat storage and increase unhealthy food cravings.

Fortunately, your taste buds adjust fairly quickly. After only a week or so of limiting table salt and processed foods, you will be surprised at how salty many foods are. By eating a healthy detox diet based on just the two above principles, more produce and less processed foods, you will be on your way to feeling your best this summer. Here is a summer body detox menu outline to get you started.

Start your day with fresh fruit like berries, which are abundant and sweet in the summertime. Have an organic yogurt along with it to help balance digestion and throw in some unsalted nuts for protein.

For lunch, a hot summer day almost seems to require a fresh, crisp salad made with plenty of greens, fresh shredded carrots, sliced radishes, cucumbers, and sprouts. Have this with fresh, grilled chicken or turkey. To cook your poultry, experiment with a variety of fresh herbs and olive oil as a marinade. Use a dressing made with olive oil and flavorful apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the tastier brands found in your local health food store). If you are feeling experimental, try blending a cucumber, 1/2 avocado, and a date or two with lemon juice as your salad dressing.

For dinner, choose from a variety of proteins, vegetables, and low sodium grains. Try broiled skewers of lean beef or chicken using a low-sodium, organic marinade and onions, red and yellow bell peppers and tomatoes. Another choice might be broiled halibut marinated in lemon juice topped with fresh chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Have a variety of fresh grilled or steamed asparagus on the side and 1/3 cup of brown Basmati rice.

For those extremely hot days or when feeling exceptionally fatigued, try drinking some energy. An excellent body detox drink can be made with a home juicer. Add plenty of celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, and add about 1/4 inch of ginger root for flavor. This combination will provide plenty of energy, nutrition and help your summer body detox. You may even find your skin clear after a week or so.

Keep your body healthy and fit with regular intervals of body and colon cleansing and detoxification. When done for shorter periods, from two to four weeks, your body will respond better and you may find it easier to follow. And of course, if you take medications, always check with your doctor before any diet changes.