Belly Fat Burning Foods

Belly Fat Burning Foods

More and more people are discovering the wonders of belly fat burning foods in dieting and weight management. These foods are known to speed up metabolism and help the body burn more calories. On your next trip to the grocery, load up on these belly fat burning foods.

With the right amount of exercise, it won’t be long before you can say hi to a flatter, trimmer tummy.

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Whole Grains, Oats and Milk

The next time you eat your breakfast, think twice before reaching for a slice of white bread. Opt for the whole-grained ones instead. The same goes when you are selecting a breakfast cereals. Eating fiber-enriched foods, along with foods composed of complex carbohydrates, is a great way to pump up metabolism. These secret ingredients keep insulin levels in the blood low after a meal. This is a good thing because an increase in insulin production prompts the body to store fat. For your body to pile these fats away, it needs to slow down its metabolic process. As a result, your body ends up burning lesser calories.

Calcium in milk and other foods trigger metabolism. Consume at least 1,200 mg of calcium in a day, and you will find yourself melting your belly fats faster.

Peppers, Peppers and More Peppers

Burn your belly fats away by indulging in a meal with Cayennes, Habaneros, Jalapenos or other peppers. You can also snack on some red or yellow peppers instead of chips. These belly fat burning foods contain a chemical called Capsaicin, which speeds up the heart rate and helps you burn more calories. In fact, you will still be burning at a faster pace for up to 3 hours even after you are done eating.

Coconut Oil

A common misconception about coconut oil, along with other oils, is that it is fattening and can contribute to weight gain. Quite the contrary, if you want to burn unwanted fats in your midsection, you can rely on coconut oil to do the work. Studies show that coconut oil aids in speeding up metabolism and burning unwanted belly fats. Use coconut oil when cooking other belly fat burning foods for a more potent, fat-burning meal.

Lean, Protein-Rich Foods

Say goodbye to belly fats by eating a well-balanced meal composed of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and lean, protein-rich foods. You may be wondering why protein-rich foods are considered as belly fat burning foods. The answer is simple; your body exerts more effort digesting the kind of protein in meat compared to digesting simple carbohydrates or fats. Each time your body has to work more, it also has to burn more calories in order to support the activity.

Foods that are rich in protein, such as chicken, turkey, pork and beef, are your passport to shedding those unwanted fats in your tummy. Make sure you choose the lean parts of these meats to enjoy added benefits. For kinds of beef, you might want to avoid cuts such as T-bone or chuck. For chicken or turkey, remove the skin to cut down on calories from fats. For pork, choose the cuts devoid of fat such as well-trimmed chops instead of pork ribs. In addition, remember that not because you are eating lean meats means you can go ahead and indulge on a high-calorie marinade or dipping sauce. For an effective belly fat burning, you still have to watch your calorie intake. Opt for a pinch of simple salt and pepper and a few herbs to add flavor to your food instead of using Ranch dressing or barbecue sauces.

Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

How can Omega-3 fatty acids help you burn those belly fats away? Omega-3 fatty acids are capable of influencing the levels of Leptin, a hormone that has a say on whether your body stores calories as fat or burns them. In a study involving mice, consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids lowers Leptin levels. If your Leptin levels are low, your body tends to speed up its metabolic process and burn more calories.

There are several ways for you to get your dose of Omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish or by taking fish supplements. Tuna and salmon are just some of the many fishes rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Not only are these fishes great belly fat burning foods, but they are also a nutritious meal to enjoy.

Aside from eating belly fat burning foods, you can also push your body to burn belly fats faster by not skipping meals. When you skip meals, your body’s metabolism slows down, and you prompt your body to hoard fats. In addition, make sure the belly fat burning foods you choose to incorporate in your meal plan is a well-balanced one.