cardio vs weight training

Cardio Versus Weight Training-Which is Better for Weight Loss?

You’ve probably heard that in order to lose weight you need to perform some type of cardiovascular activity. But while this assumption has existed for decades, it is highly overrated, as we shall see later in this article.

On the other hand, if you desire to lose maximum weight and shed maximum fat off your body, you absolutely must do some form of weight training.


Aerobic activity often called cardiovascular activity, or cardio for short burns a lot of calories if it is done properly. In fact, after aerobic activity ceases, the body will continue burning calories at an accelerated rate for several hours. But cardiovascular activity does not increase the body’s metabolism as weight training does, and for this reason, it is ultimately not as beneficial for fat loss as weight training is.

Weight training, also called anaerobic activity, will completely reshape your body. If done properly, weight training will tone your muscles, maintain lean body mass, and increase strength. Weight training also has another benefit that many people do not realize. This hidden benefit is the fact that weight training increases your resting metabolic rate. What this means is that if you train with weights on a regular basis, your body will burn calories at an accelerated rate all day every day, even when you are doing nothing.

If you wanted to, you could sit on your couch and watch television all day, all the while burning calories at an accelerated rate. People who do cardiovascular activity while neglecting to lift weights do not have this benefit.