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5 Tips To Stop Working Out The Wrong Way

Yes, it is true, you can work out the wrong way! When you do this, it really slows any progress you might be making. There are beneficial ways to workout, and there are dead wrong ways. I am going to let you in on some right ways for certain muscle groups.

Working out properly is a continual learning adventure. Embrace it.

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1. There seem to be some misconceptions about cardio training versus weight lifting or bodybuilding. cardio training does NOT work against any chance of building muscle. One thing cardio does very well is helping you rebound and rebuild the muscle you tore down weightlifting by carrying a lot more oxygen and vital nutrients in your blood to those muscle tissues. The rebuild far faster. Weight training alone will not help much with your cardiovascular system. Don’t forget the cardio part of your workout.

2. Getting maximum growth for your arm muscles, triceps and biceps, is usually another muscle group that is not worked on properly. Most guys that are trying to build the arms up, way overtrain them. The arm muscles, compared to some other muscle groups, are not that big. Not compared to the legs, back, chest, etc. so they do not need the massive amounts of training effort that go into them by most men. Overtraining them will just stunt the growth. With the arm muscles, less is more. Save the hard training for the bigger muscles.

3. Do not take any fitness advice from a person or trainer that is saying that it is good to enhance your workouts with drugs. It is not good. You should know that. Natural bodybuilding will always be the best and safest route. Dovetailing with this is all the supplements out there that supposedly increase your muscles faster. Stick with good nutrition and basic supplements like vitamins, protein, and possibly creatine. All of those ads you see for supplements in the fitness magazines are there because they paid a ton of money to have them there, not because they work, which leads me to number 4.

4. If you read a lot of weightlifting magazines and such, bear in mind, they take a lot of money from the advertisers for their ads. It doesn’t mean they endorse the products being advertised. You might be being led astray as to how well something works. Also, a lot of the articles that are supposedly written by a well-known bodybuilder are sometimes just using their name with permission. They aren’t really written by the bodybuilder themselves. This can cause people to try some of the workouts thinking they are great and they really are not good at all.

5. Your focus should always be on getting stronger. Start lifting smaller amounts and keep working your way up. A strength training program is a bit different than a bodybuilding program. It is a bit more than I care to get into right now. If you are working out at a gym, consult the trainers there about a strength program. The muscles will grow naturally from there. if you try to just lift lift lift, as much as you can, it won’t work out well for you building muscle. In fact, it may even hurt you.

These are 5 tips that I hope will open your eyes a bit and help you out. There are a few great bodybuilding programs and weight loss programs online that have been around and tried and trusted for years. If you work out at home, I suggest you do your research and get one and try it out instead of all the articles in muscle building magazines or listening to muscle builders that try and get you on steroids or something else in the drug family.